29 Facts About Angus Robertson


Angus Struan Carolus Robertson was born on 28 September 1969 and is a Scottish politician serving as the Cabinet Secretary for the Constitution, External Affairs and Culture since 2021.


Angus Robertson was first elected to the House of Commons in 2001.


Angus Robertson was succeeded as SNP Westminster Leader by Ian Blackford.


Angus Robertson resigned as SNP Depute Leader in February 2018, before launching the pro-independence think tank Progress Scotland in 2019, alongside Mark Diffley.


Angus Robertson was born in Wimbledon, London, to a Scottish father, Struan, who was an engineer, and a German mother, Anna, who was a nurse.


Angus Robertson was brought up in Edinburgh and speaks fluent German.


Angus Robertson was educated at Broughton High School, Edinburgh and the University of Aberdeen, where he graduated in 1991 with an MA Honours degree in politics and international relations.


Angus Robertson joined the Scottish National Party in 1984, at the age of 15, after being given a leaflet about the party's youth wing by Charlie Reid of The Proclaimers.


Angus Robertson was the European and International Affairs Adviser to the SNP Group in the Scottish Parliament.


Angus Robertson was first elected to the UK House of Commons in June 2001, representing the Moray constituency.


Angus Robertson was a member of the European Scrutiny Committee from 2001 to 2010, and served as the SNP's spokesman on Defence and International Relations.


Angus Robertson was well above average amongst MPs in the number of contributions he made in the House of Commons.


In 2007 Angus Robertson pushed for a UK-wide referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, something that the SNP opposed because it entrenched EU control over Scottish affairs.


Ahead of the 2015 General Election, Angus Robertson had the SNP pass a code of conduct that stated any MP must, "accept that no member shall within or outwith the parliament publicly criticise a group decision, policy or another member of the group".


In 2018 it was revealed that Angus Robertson had been contacted a decade ago by staff at Edinburgh Airport about the alleged behaviour of then First Minister Alex Salmond.


Angus Robertson's handling of the allegations were later investigated by the Committee on the Scottish Government Handling of Harassment Complaints in 2020 and he submitted written evidence.


In February 2020, Angus Robertson announced his intention to contest the Edinburgh Central constituency in the 2021 Scottish Parliament election.


Angus Robertson won selection ahead of Marco Biagi, a former MSP for the area.


Angus Robertson stated "not one minute" of ministerial or civil service time should given to the "tired, old arguments about currency and about borders".


In 2022 Angus Robertson was charged with overseeing Scotland's decennial census.


Angus Robertson said the war in Ukraine was partly to blame but told the Scottish Parliament there were "potentially serious consequences for not completing a census".


Opposition politicians labelled Angus Robertson's handling of the census "nothing short of disastrous" and said the SNP had been foolish not to hold it at the same time as the rest of the country when there was a significant amount of UK-wide publicity about the event.


Cherry dropped out of the contest, citing an unwillingness to make her staff unemployed in a pandemic, and Angus Robertson won the party's nomination.


The home cinema system was initially denied by the expenses office; however, Angus Robertson appealed this decision and it was awarded.


In 2017 it was reported in several newspapers that Angus Robertson had sold his second home in London, the mortgage on which was paid on expenses, as part of his divorce settlement.


Angus Robertson had previously pledged to repay the value of the expenses on the property and donate any profit to charity.


Angus Robertson campaigned to inherit Salmond's Scottish Parliament seat in Aberdeenshire East but withdrew to focus on her business career.


Outside politics Angus Robertson is a music fan, and particularly likes Metallica and Belle and Sebastian.


Angus Robertson is a supporter of the Heart of Midlothian football team.