21 Facts About Angus Walters


Angus James Walters was a sailor and sea captain who skippered Bluenose from 1921 to 1938.

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Angus Walters was born in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, a fishing community, located on the south shore of Nova Scotia.

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Angus Walters was one of twelve children of Adelaide and Captain Frederick Elias Walters, a fisherman and captain of the schooner Nyanza.

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At age fourteen, in 1895, Angus Walters started his career as a fisherman on his father's boat.

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Angus Walters started as a "throater" where he was responsible for grabbing fish, cutting their throats and slicing the belly down to the tail.

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In 1905, at the age of twenty-three, Walters became captain of his first schooner, the Minnie M Cook.

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Angus Walters became known for the speed at which he completed voyages.

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Angus Walters then bought the larger Gilbert B Walters, named after his sons.

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Angus Walters was now in a position to represent Canada in the Second International Fishermen's Race.

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Angus Walters had master's papers for home trade at the beginning of her career, so for some international races he invited George Myra, a deep sea Lunenburg captain and friend to command Bluenose in international waters until the schooner reached the racing port.

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In 1935 Angus Walters was invited to take part in the Silver Jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary of England.

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Angus Walters was met with great enthusiasm and was presented with a piece of sail from the Royal Yacht Britannia and presented to the King.

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Angus Walters had 3 children with his wife Maggie: Gilbert, Bernard and Stewart none of whom became fishermen.

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Angus Walters sailed Bluenose in one final regatta that year, against the American Gertrude L Thebaud under Captain Ben Pine.

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Angus Walters; Bluenose won three of the five races and both could retire undefeated.

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Angus Walters married his second wife Mildred Butler December 15,1938.

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Angus Walters retired from sailing, and they started a dairy business in Lunenburg, where Angus Walters became a town councillor.

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In 1955, Angus Walters was among the first inductees into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame.

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Angus Walters helped to drive the symbolic golden spike at the start of construction and was consulted at every stage of the building of the ship.

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Angus Walters was on board the ship and at the age of 82 took the new ship on its first voyage to the West Indies.

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In 2005, Angus Walters was posthumously named a Person of National Historic Significance.

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