66 Facts About Ann Coulter


Ann Hart Coulter is an American conservative media pundit, author, syndicated columnist, and lawyer.


Ann Coulter became known as a media pundit in the late 1990s, appearing in print and on cable news as an outspoken critic of the Clinton administration.


Ann Hart Coulter was born on December 8,1961, in New York City, to John Vincent Coulter, an FBI agent from a working class Catholic Irish American and German American family in Albany, New York, and Nell Husbands Coulter, who was born in Paducah, Kentucky.


Ann Coulter's father attended college on the GI Bill, and would later idolize Joseph McCarthy.


Ann Coulter has two older brothers: James, an accountant, and John, an attorney.


At Michigan, Ann Coulter was president of the local chapter of the Federalist Society and was trained at the National Journalism Center.


Ann Coulter handled crime and immigration issues for Senator Spencer Abraham of Michigan and helped craft legislation designed to expedite the deportation of aliens convicted of felonies.


Ann Coulter later became a litigator with the Center for Individual Rights.


Ann Coulter has written 13 books, and publishes a syndicated newspaper column.


Ann Coulter idolized Clare Boothe Luce for her satirical style.


Ann Coulter makes numerous public appearances, speaking on television and radio talk shows, as well as on college campuses, receiving both praise and protest.


Ann Coulter typically spends 6 to 12 weeks of the year on speaking engagement tours, and more when she has a book coming out.


In defense of her ideas, Ann Coulter has on occasion responded with inflammatory remarks toward hecklers and protestors who attend her speeches.


In Slander, Coulter argues that President George W Bush was given unfair negative media coverage.


Ann Coulter responded to criticisms in a column called "Answering My Critics".


Ann Coulter argues that the correct identification of Annie Lee Moss, among others, as communists was misreported by the liberal media.


Some passages in the book match portions of others' writings published at an earlier time, leading John Barrie of iThenticate to assert that Coulter had engaged in "textbook plagiarism".


Ann Coulter published her eleventh book, Adios, America: The Left's Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third World Hellhole on June 1,2015.


Ann Coulter's column is featured on six conservative websites: Human Events Online, WorldNetDaily, Townhall.


Ann Coulter's syndicator says, "Ann's client newspapers stick with her because she has a loyal fan base of conservative readers who look forward to reading her columns in their local newspapers".


In 1999, Ann Coulter worked as a columnist for George magazine.


Ann Coulter wrote weekly columns for the conservative magazine Human Events between 1998 and 2003, with occasional columns thereafter.


In 2001, as a contributing editor and syndicated columnist for National Review Online, Ann Coulter was asked by editors to make changes to a piece written after the September 11 attacks.


Ann Coulter made her first national media appearance in 1996 after she was hired by the then-fledgling network MSNBC as a legal correspondent.


Ann Coulter went on to make frequent guest appearances on many television and radio talk shows.


Ann Coulter was raised by a Catholic father and Protestant mother.


Ann Coulter endorsed the NSA's Terrorist Surveillance Program directed at Al-Qaeda.


Ann Coulter strongly opposes the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965.


In June 2018, during the controversy caused by the Trump administration family separation policy, Ann Coulter dismissed immigrant children as "child actors weeping and crying" and urged Trump not to "fall for it".


Ann Coulter is an advocate of the white genocide conspiracy theory.


Ann Coulter has compared non-white immigration into the United States with genocide, and claiming that "a genocide" is occurring against South African farmers, she has said that the Boers are the "only real refugees" in South Africa.


Ann Coulter insists that her opposition to same-sex marriage "wasn't an anti-gay thing" and that "It's genuinely a pro-marriage position to oppose gay marriage".


Ann Coulter disagreed with repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell, stating that it is not an "anti-gay position; it is a pro-military position" because "sexual bonds are disruptive to the military bond".


Ann Coulter expressed her support for the Masterpiece Cakeshop v Colorado Civil Rights Commission ruling.


Ann Coulter has expressed her opposition to treatment of LGBT people in the countries of Cuba, China, and Saudi Arabia.


Since the 1990s, Ann Coulter has had many acquaintances in the LGBT community.


Ann Coulter considers herself "the Judy Garland of the Right", reflecting Garland's large fan base from the gay community.


Ann Coulter attended the 2010 HomoCon of GOProud, where she gave a speech about why gays should oppose same-sex marriage.


Ann Coulter did describe the Texas branch of Log Cabin Republicans, for whom she has been signing books for years, as "comprised of real conservatives".


At the 2011 CPAC, during her question-and-answer segment, Ann Coulter was asked about GOProud and the controversy over their inclusion at the 2011 CPAC.


Ann Coulter spoke about drugs as a guest on Piers Morgan Live, where she said that marijuana users "can't perform daily functions".


Ann Coulter has appeared on Fox News and advocated for a poll tax and a literacy test for voters.


Ann Coulter later stated that she would come to mistrust the motives of Jones' head lawyer, Joseph Cammaratta, who by August or September 1997 was advising Jones that her case was weak and to settle, if a favorable settlement could be negotiated.


However, in a later interview Ann Coulter recounted that she herself had believed that the case was strong, that Jones was telling the truth, that Clinton should be held publicly accountable for his misconduct, and that a settlement would give the impression that Jones was merely interested in extorting money from the President.


Ann Coulter played one particularly key role in keeping the Jones case alive.


Ann Coulter's hope was to foster mistrust between the Clinton and Jones camps and forestall a settlement.


In March 2013, Ann Coulter was one of the keynote speakers at the Conservative Political Action Conference, where she made references to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's weight and progressive activist Sandra Fluke's hairdo.


Since 2013, Ann Coulter has been a contributor to VDARE, a far-right website and blog founded by anti-immigration activist and paleo-conservative Peter Brimelow.


Ann Coulter endorsed Duncan Hunter and later Mitt Romney in the 2008 Republican presidential primaries and the 2012 Republican presidential primary and presidential run.


Ann Coulter later distanced herself from Trump following arguments over immigration policies; she called for his impeachment in September 2017, saying "Put a fork in Trump, he's dead".


Ann Coulter was highly critical in 2002 of the US Department of Transportation and especially its then-secretary Norman Mineta.


Ann Coulter said she agreed that probable cause existed in the case, but that refusing consent, being in flight school and overstaying a visa should not constitute grounds for a search.


Ann Coulter says the poll was "by The Daily Telegraph", actually it was by Sunrise, an "Asian" radio station, canvassing the opinions of 500 Muslims in Greater London, mainly of Pakistani origin and aged between 20 and 45.


Ann Coulter wrote in another column that she had reviewed the civil rights lawsuits against certain airlines to determine which of them had subjected Arabs to the most "egregious discrimination" so that she could fly only that airline.


Ann Coulter said that the airline should be bragging instead of denying any of the charges of discrimination brought against them.


Ann Coulter was accused of anti-semitism in an October 8,2007, interview with Donny Deutsch on The Big Idea.


Deutsch, a practicing Jew, implied that this was an anti-semitic remark, but Ann Coulter said she did not consider it to be a hateful comment.


In October 2001, Ann Coulter was accused of plagiarism for her 1998 book High Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Case Against Bill Clinton by Michael Chapman, a columnist for the journal Human Events who claims that passages were taken from a supplement he wrote for the journal in 1997 titled "A Case for Impeachment".


Ann Coulter found a 25-word section of the text that was "virtually word-for-word" matched with a Planned Parenthood pamphlet and a 33-word section almost duplicating a 1999 article from the Portland Press as some examples of evidence.


Barrie said that it was "very, very difficult to try to determine whether Ann Coulter was citing that material or whether she was just trying to pass it off".


Columnist Bill Nemitz from the Portland Press Herald accused Ann Coulter of plagiarizing a very specific sentence from his newspaper in her book Godless, but he acknowledged that one sentence is insufficient grounds for filing suit.


Ann Coulter rejects "the academic convention of euphemism and circumlocution", and is claimed to play to misogyny in order to further her goals; she "dominates without threatening ".


Ann Coulter was played by Cobie Smulders in Impeachment: American Crime Story; Betty Gilpin was originally cast in the role but dropped out due to scheduling conflicts.


Ann Coulter has been engaged several times, but she has never married and has no children.


Ann Coulter has dated Spin founder and publisher Bob Guccione Jr.


Ann Coulter owns a house, bought in 2005, in Palm Beach, Florida, a condominium in Manhattan, and an apartment in Los Angeles.