30 Facts About Ann Sothern


Ann Sothern began her career in the late 1920s in bit parts in films.

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In 1953, Ann Sothern moved into television as the star of her own sitcom Private Secretary.

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From 1965 to 1966, Ann Sothern provided the voice of Gladys Crabtree, the title character in the sitcom My Mother the Car.

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In 1987, Ann Sothern appeared in her final film The Whales of August, starring Bette Davis and Lillian Gish.

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Ann Sothern earned her only Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the film.

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Ann Sothern'smother moved to Los Angeles, where she worked as a vocal coach for Warner Bros.

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Ann Sothern moved with her father to Seattle, where she attended the University of Washington, dropping out after one year.

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Ann Sothern approximated the Jean Harlow role opposite John Carroll in the Clark Gable role.

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Shortly after completing filming of Maisie Gets Her Man in 1942, Ann Sothern was cast in title role in the film version of Panama Hattie, opposite Red Skelton.

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The following year, Ann Sothern starred in the eighth Maisie film Maisie Goes to Reno before taking time off to have her first child.

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Ann Sothern appeared in two musical films in 1948, April Showers opposite Jack Carson and Words and Music starring an all-star cast of MGM actors, singers and dancers.

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Ann Sothern received excellent reviews for her performance but the acclaim failed to stimulate her career, which had begun to wane in the late 1940s.

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In 1949, Ann Sothern contracted hepatitis which she would battle for the next three years.

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Ann Sothern portrayed Susan Camille "Susie" MacNamara, a secretary working for New York City talent agent Peter Sands .

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Private Secretary was a hit with audiences, routinely placing in the top 10, and Ann Sothern was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for her role on the series four times.

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In 1957, Private Secretary was renewed for a fifth season, but Ann Sothern left the series after she had what she later described as a "violent fight" with producer Jack Chertok over profits from the series.

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Ann Sothern starred as Kathleen "Katy" O'Connor, the assistant manager at the fictitious Bartley House Hotel.

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Ann Sothern denied the rumors and, ultimately, the series continued without Vance or Ann Sothern.

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In 1965, Ann Sothern co-starred in the TV comedy series My Mother the Car, opposite Jerry Van Dyke.

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Ann Sothern was never seen in the series; only her voice was heard, reacting tartly to zany happenings around her.

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In 1972, Ann Sothern appeared in the Sid and Marty Krofft television special Fol-de-Rol.

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Ann Sothern returned to television in 1985 in the role of "Ma Finney" in an adaptation of one of her old films, A Letter to Three Wives.

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Ann Sothern married actor and band leader Roger Pryor in September 1936.

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Shortly after filming A Letter to Three Wives, Ann Sothern contracted infectious hepatitis after getting an impure serum shot while she was in England for a stage performance.

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Ann Sothern later said that her illness had restored her faith.

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In 1974, Ann Sothern was injured while appearing in a Jacksonville, Florida, stock production of Everybody Loves Opal when a fake tree fell on her back.

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Ann Sothern'sinjuries required hospitalizations where she was put in traction.

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Ann Sothern credited her "optimistic belief" and Roman Catholic faith for getting her through.

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On March 15,2001, Ann Sothern died from heart failure at her home in Ketchum at the age of 92.

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Ann Sothern has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: for motion pictures, found on 1612 Vine Street; and television, on 1634 Vine Street.

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