10 Facts About Anna Halprin


Anna Halprin helped redefine dance in postwar America and pioneer the experimental art form known as postmodern dance and referred to herself as a breaker of the rules of modern dance.


Anna Halprin has written books including: Movement Rituals, Moving Toward Life: Five Decades of Transformational Dance and Dance as a Healing Art.


At 4 years old, Halprin was enrolled by her mother in ballet class to satisfy young Anna's urge to dance.


At the age of 15, Anna Halprin began studying the techniques of Ruth St Denis and Isadora Duncan.


Anna Halprin abandoned the stylized forms of modern technique to create her own way of reproducing the art of everyday life.


However, instead of using chance as a way to make movement like Cunningham did, Anna Halprin turned to improvisation to investigate ways of making community.


Anna Halprin met her husband, landscape architect Lawrence Halprin, while in college.

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In late 1940s, Anna Halprin danced with Mimi Kagan, under the name the San Francisco Dance League.


Anna Halprin thought everyone looked too similar to Graham and Humphrey, stifling creativity.


Anna Halprin documented her own experiences and compiled the information to make her own healing process called "The Five Stages of Healing".