15 Facts About Anna Harrison


Anna Tuthill Harrison was the wife of President William Henry Harrison, mother of John Scott Harrison, and paternal grandmother of President Benjamin Harrison.

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Anna Harrison was first lady of the United States during her husband's one-month term in 1841, though never entered the White House.

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At age 65 at the start of her husband's presidential term, Harrison was the oldest woman ever to assume the role of first lady, a record held until Jill Biden became first lady at age 69 in 2021.

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Anna Harrison has the distinction of holding the title for the shortest length of time, and the first first lady to be widowed while holding the title.

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Anna Harrison was the last first lady to have been born in British America.

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Anna Harrison's father was a Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court and later became a prominent landowner in southwestern Ohio.

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Anna Harrison's father was deputy to the Provincial Congress of New Jersey, the Chairman of the Sussex County Committee of Safety during the Revolution, and a New Jersey delegate to the Continental Congress.

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Anna Harrison grew up on Long Island, receiving an unusually broad education for a woman of the times.

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Anna Harrison attended Clinton Academy in East Hampton on Long Island, and the private school of Isabella Graham in New York City.

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In 1794, Anna Harrison went with her father and new stepmother, Susannah Livingston, daughter of the Governor of New Jersey William Livingston, into the Ohio wilderness, where they settled at North Bend, Ohio.

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Anna Harrison won fame as an Indian fighter and hero of the War of 1812, but he spent much of his life in a civilian career.

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Anna Harrison's third child was born on that trip, at Richmond in September 1800.

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When William was inaugurated in 1841, Anna Harrison was detained by illness at their home in North Bend.

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Anna Harrison was packing for the move to the White House when she learned of William's death in Washington, so she never made the journey.

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Anna Harrison died on February 25,1864, at age 88, and was buried at the William Henry Harrison Tomb State Memorial in North Bend.

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