31 Facts About Anna Oxa


Anna Hoxha, known professionally as Anna Oxa, is an Italian singer, actress, and television presenter.


Anna Oxa went on to win Sanremo once more, winning the Sanremo Music Festival 1999 as a soloist with the song "Senza pieta".


In total, Anna Oxa has competed in Sanremo fifteen times across six decades, and additionally hosted the competition in 1994.


Anna Oxa was born on 28 April 1961 in Bari to an Albanian father originally from Kruje, Qazim Hoxha, and an Italian mother from Bari, Elena Piccininno.


Anna Oxa was raised in the San Pasquale neighborhood of Bari, and attended school at the Giuseppe De Nittis.


Anna Oxa began her career at the Sanremo Music Festival 1978, performing the song "Un'emozione da poco", written by Ivano Fossati, who sponsored her performance.


Anna Oxa later began to collaborate with Italian singers Lucio Dalla and Rino Gaetano.


The single was used as the lead single for Anna Oxa's self-titled second studio album, released the same year.


In 1980, Anna Oxa released the single "Controllo totale", an Italian cover of the song "Total Control" by The Motels; the single became a top forty hit in Italy, and served as the lead single for her debut extended play of the same name.


Anna Oxa returned to Sanremo the following year, competing in the Sanremo Music Festival 1982 with the song "Io no".


Anna Oxa continued to take part in Sanremo several times during the 1980s, competing in 1984,1985,1986, and 1988, placing within the top seven each time.


Anna Oxa entered the Sanremo Music Festival 1989 as a duet with Italian singer Fausto Leali, performing the song "Ti lascero".


Anna Oxa returned to Sanremo the year after her win, competing in the Sanremo Music Festival 1990 with the song "Donna con te".


The song was originally to be performed by Patty Pravo, but after Pravo demanded multiple changes be made to the song and eventually refused to perform it, Anna Oxa was asked to replace her.


Anna Oxa followed up the success of the single with the release of the album Di questa vita ; the album peaked at number-five in Italy.


Anna Oxa hosted the Telemontecarlo program Viaggio al centro della musica and later the Sanremo Music Festival 1994.


From 1993 to 1994, Anna Oxa released two cover albums and one album of remakes of her previous releases.


Anna Oxa competed in the Sanremo Music Festival 1997 with the album's lead single "Storie", placing second.


In 1999, Anna Oxa signed to Sony BMG, which received the rights to the songs that Anna Oxa recorded while signed to RCA Italiana in the 1970s and early-1980s.


Anna Oxa went on to win the competition, earning her second Sanremo win.


In 2001, Anna Oxa released the single "L'eterno movimento", which served as the lead single to her album of the same name.


Anna Oxa competed in the Sanremo Music Festival 2001 with "L'eterno movimento", where she placed tenth.


That year, Anna Oxa appeared as a co-presenter on the second season of the Italian variety show Torno sabato with Giorgio Panariello.


Anna Oxa competed in Sanremo twice more in the decade, in 2003 and 2006; in 2003, Oxa placed fourteenth with "Cambiero", while in 2006, Oxa did not qualify to the final with "Processo a me stessa".


In 2010, Anna Oxa released her most recent studio album Proxima.


Anna Oxa later returned to Sanremo a final time, competing in the Sanremo Music Festival 2011 with the song "La mia anima d'uomo", with which she did not qualify to the final.


In 2013, Anna Oxa was invited by Milly Carlucci to compete in series nine of Ballando con le Stelle, the Italian version of Dancing with the Stars.


Anna Oxa was partnered with professional dancer Samuel Peron and received the highest scores from weeks one to three.


Anna Oxa withdrew from the competition in week six following a leg injury.


Anna Oxa married her first husband, Franco Ciani, in the early-1980s, although they later divorced.


In 1999, Anna Oxa married Kosovar politician Behgjet Pacolli; they later divorced in 2002.