10 Facts About Annapolis Maryland


Annapolis Maryland is the home of St John's College, founded 1696; the United States Naval Academy, established 1845, is adjacent to the city limits.

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Annapolis Maryland is home to a large number of recreational boats that have largely replaced the seafood industry in the city.

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Annapolis Maryland became the temporary capital of the United States after the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1783.

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In 1786, delegates from all states of the Union were invited to meet in Annapolis Maryland to consider measures for the better regulation of commerce.

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Much of downtown Annapolis Maryland was flooded and many businesses and homes in outlying areas were damaged.

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Annapolis Maryland has a thriving community theater scene which includes two venues in the historic district.

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Hammond-Harwood House, located at 19 Annapolis Maryland Avenue, was built in 1774 for Matthias Hammond, a wealthy Annapolis Maryland farmer.

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Directly behind the memorial are both the Annapolis Maryland, and United States flags, and a star shaped column with a seven sided base to represent Annapolis Maryland being the seventh state in the Union.

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Annapolis Maryland is home to many seasonal or holiday-themed events and festivals that take place throughout the year.

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Annapolis Maryland is served by the Anne Arundel County Public Schools system.

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