15 Facts About Anne Shilcock


Jacqueline Anne Shilcock was a British tennis player who was active in the 1950s.


Anne Shilcock won 1955 Wimbledon Championships in women's doubles with Angela Mortimer, becoming the first all-British team to win since 1937.


Anne Shilcock played singles in the Wightman Cup in 1954, losing to Doris Hart and Maureen Connolly, and doubles in 1953 with Angela Mortimer, in 1957 with Ann Haydon, and in 1958 with Pat Ward, the year Britain won for the first time since 1930.


Anne Shilcock won the doubles and mixed with Pat Ward Hales and Billy Knight in the British Covered courts championships at the end of the year.


Anne Shilcock won the doubles at the Northern Manchester with Dorothy Knode, beating Angelas Buxton and Mortimer and Thelma Long and Betty Pratt.


Anne Shilcock won the Coup Canet Paris with Pat Ward, the British Covered Courts championship doubles with Pat Ward, beating Shirley Bloomer and Angela Buxton and the mixed with Geoff Paish.


In 1957, Anne Shilcock won the German Covered Courts Championships with Pat Ward, beating Thelma Long and Erika Vollmer and won the mixed with legend Budge Patty in Monte Carlo.


Anne Shilcock reached the last 16 of the French Championships in 1953, of the Wimbledon championships in the same year and of the US Nationals in 1954.


Anne Shilcock was especially effective on covered courts, in singles as well as doubles, reaching the final of the Scandinavian championships in 1955, losing to Angela Mortimer, reaching the semifinals in 1956, losing to Althea Gibson and winning it in 1957 by beating Thelma Long and Angela Mortimer.


That year Anne Shilcock won the German Covered Courts title, beating Thelma Long and Christiane Mercelis.


Also on grass, Anne Shilcock had some notable wins in the Manchester Northern tournament, reaching the quarterfinals in 1954 before losing to Maureen Connolly, in 1955 the semifinal, losing to Lousie Brough, in 56 beating Sandra Reynolds, Betty Pratt and losing in three sets to Dorothy Knode in the quarterfinal.


On hard courts Anne Shilcock reached the quarterfinals of the British Hard Court Championships four times: in 1953, in 1955, in 56 and 1958.


Anne Shilcock was semifinalist in the 1956 German Championships and in the 1957 Monte Carlo tournament.


Anne Shilcock married JK Spann in 1960, and lived in South Africa for the last 40 years of her life.


Anne Shilcock died there in late April 2019, at the age of 86.