20 Facts About Anneline Kriel


Anneline Kriel was born on 28 July 1955 and is a South African actress, model, and beauty queen.


In 1974, Kriel won the Miss South Africa pageant; in the same year, upon the resignation of the Miss World winner, UK's Helen Morgan, Kriel was announced as the winner.


Anneline Kriel is the second South African to hold the Miss World title after Penelope Coelen in 1958.


Anneline Kriel was born in Pretoria of an Afrikaner family and raised in the mining town of Witbank, the daughter of a prison officer.


In 1974, at age nineteen, Anneline Kriel won the Miss South Africa title.


Anneline Kriel was awarded the Miss World title that same year, after initially being the first runner-up, as Helen Morgan of the UK stepped down.


The international media criticised Anneline Kriel by depicting her as the face of the apartheid government.

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Welsh singer Shirley Bassey, a contest judge, protested against Anneline Kriel receiving the award.


However, the United States later relented, and Anneline Kriel was allowed to make television appearances in the country.


Anneline Kriel worked in Italy for five years as the Birra Peroni model in television and magazine advertisements.


Anneline Kriel worked as a model in Paris and New York with the Johnny Casablanca Model Management Agency.


Anneline Kriel became an ambassador for several beauty brands, completed public relations activities, and studied drama at the University of Pretoria.


In 2018, Anneline Kriel added another evening gown that she wore on the evening of the 1974 Miss World Pageant to the exhibition.


In 2018, Anneline Kriel attended the 60th-anniversary celebration of the Miss South African pageant in Pretoria.


On 7 September 2019, Anneline Kriel was a guest speaker at the annual upgrade of the Witkruis monument between Mokopane and Polokwane in South Africa.


Anneline Kriel has appeared on the cover of the South African Huisgenoot magazine 33 times.


Anneline Kriel learned to speak a little French and Italian from working in France and Italy.


Anneline Kriel returned to South Africa from New York to marry Sol Kerzner in 1980.


On 28 March 1996, Anneline Kriel married Peter Bacon, Sol Kerzner's CEO and former protege.


In 2017, Anneline Kriel suggested that then President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma should face charges of crimes against humanity in the International Criminal Court for failing to protect farmers in South Africa.