12 Facts About Annie Girardot


Annie Girardot often played strong-willed, independent, hard-working, and often lonely women, imbuing her characters with an earthiness and reality that endeared her to women undergoing similar daily struggles.


Annie Girardot was a three-time Cesar Award winner, a two-time Moliere Award winner, a David di Donatello Award winner, a BAFTA nominee, and a recipient of several international prizes including the Volpi Cup at the 1965 Venice Film Festival for Three Rooms in Manhattan.


Annie Girardot made her film debut in Thirteen at the Table, but it was with theatre that she was beginning to attract the attention of critics.


Annie Girardot starred in the teen movie, The Slap as Isabelle Adjani's mother.


Annie Girardot won her first Cesar Award for Best Actress portraying the title character in the drama Docteur Francoise Gailland.


Annie Girardot's became one of the symbols of the 1970s feminist movement in France, as the audience embraced the "everywoman" quality she brought to the strong-minded female characters she regularly played in both dramas and comedies.


Annie Girardot suffered from depression, but bounced back with several television series in France and Italy.

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However, Annie Girardot had a major comeback on the big screen playing a peasant wife in Claude Lelouch's Les Miserables.


Annie Girardot was awarded the Cesar Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Piano Teacher.


Annie Girardot collaborated with director Michael Haneke again, in Cache.


Annie Girardot is the highest ranked woman in the list of French stars who have appeared in the most movies that have attracted more than one million admissions in France since 1945, with 44 films.


On 28 February 2011, Annie Girardot died in a hospital in Paris, aged 79.