10 Facts About Annie Sprinkle


Annie Sprinkle's family moved to Los Angeles, California when she was five years old, and she lived in Panama from age thirteen to seventeen.


Annie Sprinkle followed him to New York City, where she lived for twenty-two years.


Annie Sprinkle later changed her name legally to Annie Sprinkle.


Annie Sprinkle has appeared in almost 200 films, including hard- and softcore pornography, B movies, loops, and numerous documentaries.


Annie Sprinkle starred in Nick Zedd's experimental films War Is Menstrual Envy, Ecstasy in Entropy, and Electra Elf: The Beginning.


Annie Sprinkle performed The Legend of the Ancient Sacred Prostitute, in which she did a "sex magic" masturbation ritual on stage.


Annie Sprinkle has toured one-woman shows internationally for 17 years, some of which were titled Post Porn Modernist, Annie Sprinkle's Herstory of Porn, and Hardcore from the Heart.


Annie Sprinkle has defied the ideas of some feminists who refer to themselves as WAPs, who do not believe that the creation of feminist porn is possible.


Annie Sprinkle continued to engage in this medical commentary by juxtaposing medical scans with erotic images and using an electrocardiogram to record the waves of an orgasm.


Annie Sprinkle has contributed to the post-porn movement explicitly in her now retired show Post-Porn Modernist and implicitly through her artistic body of work which engages in critical reflection and parody.