18 Facts About Annie Wilkes


Annie Wilkes is the main antagonist in the 1987 novel Misery, by Stephen King.


The novel provides Annie Wilkes' backstory, stating that she was born in Bakersfield, California, on April 1,1943, and graduated from the University of Southern California's nursing school with honors in 1966.


Annie Wilkes implies that she has visited the hotel where Sheldon finishes his novels as he was staying there.


Annie Wilkes has studied psychological disorders as part of his research for the Misery series, and suspects early on that Wilkes is mentally unstable.


Annie Wilkes is furious when she discovers Sheldon killed off Misery at the end of his latest novel.


Annie Wilkes tells him she has not called a hospital or told anybody about him and makes a veiled threat on his life.


Annie Wilkes holds him captive in her home and subjects him to a series of physical and psychological tortures.

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Sheldon writes the book as Annie Wilkes wants, but bridles at her treatment of him and manages to sneak out of his room several times while she is away.


On one of his trips out of his room, Sheldon finds Annie Wilkes' old scrapbook and learns from the newspaper clippings inside that she is a serial killer whose spree dates back to her childhood in Bakersfield.


Annie Wilkes was tried for their deaths, but acquitted due to lack of evidence.


Sheldon finds that Annie Wilkes was formerly married to a physical therapist named Ralph Dugan, who later divorced her, citing "mental cruelty".


Sheldon does not know it, but Annie Wilkes has known all along that he has been sneaking around her house.


Annie Wilkes soaks the manuscript with lighter fluid he picked up in the basement and sets it ablaze.


Annie Wilkes ultimately dies of a fractured skull; Sheldon is then rescued by police.


Annie Wilkes has an unhealthy obsession with romance novels, particularly Sheldon's Misery series.


Annie Wilkes believes her profile is typical of people who stalk celebrities, although she more accurately depicts borderline personality disorder, often confused for bipolar disorder.


Annie Wilkes is mentioned in Kim Newman's novella, The Other Side of Midnight.


In one of them, Annie Wilkes is played by Mari Turunen and in another, by Henna Haverinen.