24 Facts About Anson Jones


Anson Jones was a doctor, businessman, member of Congress, and the fourth and last President of the Republic of Texas.


Anson Jones traveled to Seneca Falls, New York, and opened a one-room school.


In 1820, Anson Jones was licensed as a doctor by the Oneida, New York, Medical Society, and began medical practice in 1822.


Anson Jones stayed in Philadelphia for a few more years, teaching and practicing medicine, until in 1823, he decided to go to Venezuela.


Later, Anson Jones returned to Philadelphia, earned an MD, and reopened his practice.


Anson Jones never had much success as a doctor, and in 1832, he renounced medicine and headed for New Orleans, where he entered the mercantile trade.


Anson Jones was a member and Past Master of the Masonic Harmony Lodge No 52 of Philadelphia.

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In 1832, Anson Jones headed west to Texas, settling eventually in Brazoria.


Anson Jones himself presented a resolution at the Consultation calling for a convention to be held to declare independence, but he himself refused to be nominated to the convention.


Anson Jones evicted Collinsworth and challenged him to a duel.


Just a few months before the revolution, on March 2,1834, Anson Jones met with four other Masons at Brazoria and petitioned the Grand Master of Louisiana for a dispensation and a charter to form the first Masonic lodge in Texas.


The charter for Holland Lodge No 36 arrived during the final days of the revolution, and Anson Jones carried it in his saddlebags during the decisive Battle of San Jacinto on April 21,1836.


Anson Jones became the first Grand Master of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows in Texas.


Collinsworth was instrumental in starting the Texas Railroad, Navigation, and Banking Company, to which Anson Jones was vehemently opposed.


Anson Jones was elected to the Second Texas Congress as an opponent of the company; however, his most significant act in Congress was to call for the withdrawal of the Texas proposal for annexation by the United States.


Anson Jones helped draw up legislation to regulate medical practice, and called for the establishment of an endowment for a university.


Anson Jones expected to return to his practice at Brazoria after his term in Congress, but Texas President Sam Houston instead appointed him Minister to the United States, where Anson Jones was to formally withdraw the annexation proposal.


Anson Jones was recalled to Texas by new president Mirabeau Lamar in 1839.


Anson Jones retired from the Senate in 1841, declining the opportunity to serve as Vice President in favor of returning to his medical practice.


Anson Jones served as the fourth and last President of the Republic of Texas.


Anson Jones hoped that the new Texas state legislature would send him to the United States Senate.


Anson Jones was not chosen, and as time went on, he became increasingly bitter about this slight.


Anson Jones's left arm was crushed and became withered and discolored.


Anson Jones served as the fourth and last President of the Republic of Texas.