23 Facts About Anthony Crolla

1. Anthony Crolla defeated Yordan via a 12 round unanimous decision to earn a title shot against Lomachenko.

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2. Anthony Crolla was the busier fighter throwing much more than Burns and focused a lot of his body shots.

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3. Anthony Crolla said, both he and Crolla were in the same position, coming off losses.

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4. Anthony Crolla caught me but before that I thought I could get to him.

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5. At the time of stoppage, Anthony Crolla was behind on all three judges scorecards.

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6. Anthony Crolla landed several hard shots before dropping Barroso with a right to the body.

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7. Anthony Crolla was not likely to do so, just for a big payday.

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8. Anthony Crolla told Sky Sports, "I've dreamt this dream since I was 10 years of age.

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9. Anthony Crolla won the WBA title with a knockout win over Perez in round 5.

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10. Anthony Crolla seemed like the clear winner after Perez twice had pointed deducted for low blows.

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11. Anthony Crolla received his first opportunity at a world title against WBA lightweight champion Darleys Perez on 18 July 2015 at the Manchester Arena in Manchester.

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12. Anthony Crolla confronted two burglars who were raiding a neighbour's house.

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13. Anthony Crolla was scheduled to fight Richar Abril of Cuba for the WBA lightweight title in January 2015.

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14. Anthony Crolla won the fight via a 10th round stoppage, in a brutal fight.

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15. Anthony Crolla started the fight very cautious and allowed Matthews to score without much reply.

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16. Anthony Crolla beat Farrell; just after the final bell Farrell collapsed and was rushed to hospital.

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17. Anthony Crolla reached the semi-final stage, losing a very close points decision that could have gone either way to Gary Sykes.

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18. On 21 April 2012, Anthony Crolla lost his British lightweight title to 28-year-old Liverpudlian Derry Matthews at the Oldham Sports Centre.

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19. Anthony Crolla stepped up a weight division when on 12 February 2011 he challenged John Watson for the vacant British lightweight title.

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20. Anthony Crolla continued his winning run in 2010 with victories over Jason Nesbitt, Sid Razak and Chris Riley before on 2 October challenging Andy Morris for the English super featherweight title.

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21. Anthony Crolla made his professional contest on 14 October 2006 when he scored a points win over Abdul Rashid at the MEN Arena in Manchester.

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22. Anthony Crolla held the WBA lightweight title from 2015 to 2016, and the British lightweight title from 2011 to 2012.

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23. Anthony Crolla was born on 16 November 1986 and is a British professional boxer.

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