10 Facts About Anthony Grey


Anthony Grey was born on 5 July 1938 and is a British journalist and author.


Anthony Grey has written a series of historical novels and non-fiction books, including several relating to his detention.


Anthony Grey was able to communicate by mail with his mother and girlfriend back in England, but was only allowed two 20-minute visits by British consular officials in the first 17 months of his confinement, and was never formally charged.


Anthony Grey was released in October 1969, after 27 months of captivity.


Anthony Grey wrote about his two-year ordeal in Hostage in Peking, published in 1970.


Anthony Grey published various stories and articles in such magazines as Playboy, Punch and The Illustrated London News.


In 1983, Anthony Grey published The Prime Minister Was a Spy, in which he claimed that Harold Holt was a spy for Communist China, and that he had not drowned, but in fact had been "collected" by a Chinese submarine and lived out the rest of his life in Beijing.


Anthony Grey produced television documentaries for the British TV stations BBC and ATV World.


Anthony Grey's conclusion was that there is overwhelming evidence for visitations to earth by extra-terrestrials.


In 1970, Anthony Grey married Shirley McGuinn, his girlfriend at the time of his imprisonment in China.