14 Facts About Anthony Kenny


Sir Anthony John Patrick Kenny was born on 16 March 1931 and is a British philosopher whose interests lie in the philosophy of mind, ancient and scholastic philosophy, the philosophy of religion, and the philosophy of Wittgenstein of whose literary estate he is an executor.


Anthony Kenny is a former president of the British Academy and the Royal Institute of Philosophy.


Anthony Kenny was ordained in 1955 and served as a curate in Liverpool.


Anthony Kenny was returned to the lay state in 1963, but according to canon law his priestly ordination remains valid.


Anthony Kenny was never released from his obligation of clerical celibacy and was therefore excommunicated on his marriage to Nancy Gayley in 1965.


Anthony Kenny was Master of Balliol from 1978 to 1989 and subsequently an Honorary Fellow.


Anthony Kenny was Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford from 1984 to 2001.


Anthony Kenny received the degree of DLitt in 1980 and the honorary degree of DCL.


Anthony Kenny was a Visiting Professor at Chicago, Washington, Michigan, Minnesota, Cornell, Stanford and Rockefeller Universities.


Anthony Kenny has been a member of the American Philosophical Society since 1993, and of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters since 1993, and an Honorary Fellow of Harris Manchester College, Oxford since 1996, and of the School of Advanced Study, University of London since 2002.


Anthony Kenny has written extensively on Thomas Aquinas and modern Thomism.


Anthony Kenny was made a Knight Bachelor by Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom in 1992 and has been an Honorary Bencher of Lincoln's Inn since 1999.


In October 2006, Anthony Kenny was awarded the American Catholic Philosophical Association's Aquinas Medal for his significant contributions to philosophy.


Portraits of Anthony Kenny hang in the British Academy, London, and at Balliol College and Rhodes House, Oxford.