22 Facts About Anthony Pollina


Anthony Pollina was born on February 17,1952 and is an American Progressive politician who has served as a member of the Vermont Senate since 2011.


Anthony Pollina was born in Ridgewood, New Jersey on February 17,1952, the son of Salvatore Pollina and Matilda Pollina.


Anthony Pollina worked as policy director and executive director for the Vermont Public Interest Research Group in the late 1990s and early 2000s.


In 2003, Anthony Pollina started Equal Time Radio, a political and current events radio show broadcast on Waterbury's WDEV.


Anthony Pollina quit the radio program in 2007 in order to run for governor.


Anthony Pollina was a founding board member of the Vermont Milk Company, a farmer owned and operated dairy in Hardwick, Vermont.


Anthony Pollina was established in 2006 with a focus on paying farmers a higher than average price for milk and marketing the products locally.


Anthony Pollina resigned in 2008 to focus on his campaign for governor.


In 1984, Anthony Pollina won a Democratic Party primary for Congress against Paul Forlenza and John Tatro.


In 1986 and 1988, Anthony Pollina was the Democratic nominee for State Representative from the Washington-1 district.


The Anthony Pollina campaign received unusually strong labor support for an independent candidate, receiving the endorsements of the three largest unions in the state.


NEA-Vermont President Angelo Dorta stated that the endorsement of Anthony Pollina was partly because Symington "still tends to talk about our schools in terms of cost containment as opposed to investment".


Anthony Pollina garnered the support of the 3,000-member Gun Owners of Vermont.


Anthony Pollina ran as a Progressive with Democrat support, and won one of the Democratic nominations.


Anthony Pollina was reelected in 2012, along with Washington County incumbents Bill Doyle and Ann Cummings, who defeated Republicans Buddy Barnett and Dexter LeFavour, and Independent Jeremy Hansen.


In November 2012, Anthony Pollina won the "Lawmaker of the Year" award during his freshman term along with fellow lawmaker Rep.


Anthony Pollina scored perfectly for the award based on his stance on health care reform, establishing a Genuine Process Indicator, and attempting to overturn the Citizens United court decision.


In 2014, Anthony Pollina was elected to another term, as Washington County reelected all three incumbent Senators.


Anthony Pollina received 9,923 votes, placing ahead of fourth-place finisher Republican Patricia McDonald, who received 8,488.


Anthony Pollina was reelected to another term, as was incumbent Democrat Ann Cummings; incumbent Bill Doyle was defeated by Francis Brooks, the former majority leader of the Vermont House of Representatives and former Sergeant at Arms of the Vermont State House.


Anthony Pollina was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease after first noticing the symptoms during his 2008 campaign for governor.


Anthony Pollina's condition worsened until he underwent surgery following his 2016 reelection.