11 Facts About Anti-natalism


Anti-natalism is of the opinion that the less faith in the Almighty Creator-God there is, the more urgent the question of anthropodicy becomes.

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Anti-natalism describes procreation as manipulation and harm, a unilateral and non-consensual sending of a human being into a painful, dangerous and morally impeding situation.

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Anti-natalism emphasizes that although it is not possible to avoid manipulation in procreation, it is perfectly possible to avoid procreation itself and that then no moral rule is violated.

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Anti-natalism is of the opinion that a huge number of humans around the world cannot withstand this steep struggle against the terminal structure of their being, which leads to destructive consequences for them and others: suicides, major or minor mental illnesses, or aggressive behavior.

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Anti-natalism proposes a thought experiment in which we have two people, Mary and Tom.

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Anti-natalism's misfortune is reduced by the fact that death saved her from the real prospect of experiencing bad things.

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Anti-natalism believes that negative utilitarianism is the right one because the good things in life do not compensate for the bad things; first and foremost, the best things do not compensate for the worst things such as, for example, the experiences of terrible pain, the agonies of the wounded, sick or dying.

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Anti-natalism maintains that our concept of evil comes from our experience of suffering: there is no evil without the possibility of experiencing suffering.

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Anti-natalism cites research on what animal life looks like in the wild.

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Anti-natalism takes the view that even if one does not agree that procreation is always morally bad, one should recognize procreation in wildlife as morally bad and something that ought to be prevented.

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Anti-natalism maintains that non-intervention cannot be defended if we reject speciesism and that we should reject the unjustifiable dogma stating that what is happening in nature is what should be happening in nature.

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