13 Facts About Anton Schwarzkopf


Anton Schwarzkopf was a German engineer who founded Schwarzkopf Industries GmbH, a German manufacturer of roller coasters and other amusement rides that were sold to amusement parks and travelling funfairs around the world.


Anton Schwarzkopf, born 8 July 1924 in Bahlingen, Germany, began as an apprentice in his father's business, which focused on the design of specialised trailers used to transport circus equipment.


In 1957, Schwarzkopf built his first attraction, the Dusenspirale, which was a roller coaster that traveled around Germany with funfair showman Loffelhardt.


Anton Schwarzkopf took over his father's company in 1960 and created his first full-scale steel roller coaster, The Wildcat, in 1964.


In 1976, Anton Schwarzkopf partnered with ride engineer Werner Stengel to create a ground-breaking attraction, the Revolution roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California.


The vertical loop became a signature element used in many of Anton Schwarzkopf's designs, including King Kobra at Kings Dominion in 1977, one of the first Shuttle Loop designs, and Shock Wave at Six Flags Over Texas in 1978, which featured consecutive vertical loops.


Anton Schwarzkopf suffered several business setbacks and suffered through several bankruptcies, with the first occurring in late 1983, leading to the abandonment of several upcoming designs and installations.


Anton Schwarzkopf continued to produce flat rides and assist with roller coaster design for a number of years, and some popular releases during this time included the Bayern Kurve, the Enterprise, and the Monster.


Anton Schwarzkopf retired from the industry in 1995 and died on 30 July 2001 after battling Parkinson's disease for several years.


Anton Schwarzkopf's brother, Franz Schwarzkopf, was a ride designer around the same time as Anton, and designed many staples of the both amusement parks and carnivals alike, such as the Wave Swinger.


Anton's son Wieland Schwarzkopf became involved with the industry, starting out at Schwarzkopf, and later starting his own business in 1984.


Anton Schwarzkopf was still heavily involved with most of Schwarzkopf's attractions.


Hubert Gerstlauer, founder and namesake of Gerstlauer Amuesment Rides GmbH, was an employee of Anton Schwarzkopf, before starting his own company in 1982.