11 Facts About Antonio Percassi


Antonio Percassi was born on 9 June 1953 and is an Italian former footballer and entrepreneur.


Antonio Percassi is president of the holding company Odissea Srl which includes the cosmetics brands KIKO Milano, Madina and Womo, formerly the Orio Center shopping center, and Atalanta BC.


In 2012, Antonio Percassi bought Madina, the historic make up brand founded in 1993 by Intercos, and Antonio Percassi founded Womo, the men's body care brand.


In 1997, Antonio Percassi has ventured into the cosmetics market with the brand Kiko Make Up Milano, with the help of his son Stefano.


In 2007, Antonio Percassi partnered with designer Flavio Briatore in developing the luxury-clothing brand, Billionaire Italian Couture.


One of the management strategies of Antonio Percassi has been the inter-development between the retail development and real estate development.


Antonio Percassi has worked in collaboration with the Westfield group in opening the Westfield Milan Shopping Center in Milan.


Antonio Percassi is involved in a commercial and residential initiative in the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA.


In October 2013, Antonio Percassi purchased Crespi d'Adda in order to convert into the headquarters for the Percassi Business group as well as the headquarters for the new Antonio Percassi Family Foundation.


Antonio Percassi has six children, five of whom have been involved in the operations of the various Percassi companies.


Antonio Percassi's youngest son, Michael was born in January 2013.