17 Facts About Antony Leung


Antony Leung is currently the Chairman of Nan Fung Group and chairman and co-founder of New Frontier Group.

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Antony Leung received his secondary education in Ying Wa College and holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree, majoring in economics and statistics, from The University of Hong Kong.

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Antony Leung completed Harvard Business School's Programme in Management Development in 1982 and the six-week Advanced Management Programme in 1999.

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Antony Leung received an honorary Doctor of Laws at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology in 1998.

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Antony Leung started his banking career as a currency trader and spent 23 years with Citicorp where he took up regional management positions in investment, corporate and private banking in Hong Kong, New York, Singapore and Manila.

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Antony Leung rose to senior management positions at big international banks in Hong Kong.

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Antony Leung joined Chase Manhattan Corporation in 1996, where he rose to the rank of Asia-Pacific chairman.

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Antony Leung was an unofficial member of the Executive Council and was responsible for Education Reform when he was the Chairman of Education Commission .

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Antony Leung became Financial Secretary government post on 1 May 2001.

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Antony Leung claimed that it was necessary to balance the budget as quickly as possible so as to maintain the stability of the economy.

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Antony Leung suggested expenditure cuts in different sectors, including university funding.

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However, unlike other members of the Executive Council, Antony Leung had failed to disclose the purchase to the council.

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Antony Leung's resignation came just hours after Secretary for Security Regina Ip said she was stepping down, for personal reasons.

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Antony Leung served as the chairman of Blackstone Group's Asian office in Hong Kong.

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Antony Leung continues to serve as a senior adviser to Blackstone and a member of its international advisory board.

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Antony Leung has served as chairman at Nan Fung Group, the Hong Kong-based property and finance conglomerate, since February 2014.

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Antony Leung is currently the chairman and co-founder of New Frontier Group, an investment holding company with activities in healthcare, education and internet business.

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