12 Facts About Anurag Anand


Anurag Anand was born on 2 November 1978 and is an Indian artist, corporate professional, and author with several bestselling titles in the self-help, general fiction and historical fiction genres.


Anurag Anand completed his schooling at Delhi Public School, Mathura Road, New Delhi in 1996.


Anurag Anand's writing career began with the book Pillars of Success, a self-help book that owes its genesis to Anurag Anand's association during his college days with the Delhi based NGO, UNES.


Since then Anurag Anand has written general fiction and historical fiction novels.


In 2016 Anurag Anand was conferred with the Lal Bahadur Shastri Award for Corporate Excellence to commemorate his contributions to society and the spirit of entrepreneurship through his achievements in the corporate world.


In February 2019 Anurag Anand was felicitated among the Top HR 40under40 leaders in the country at the Leading From Behind Summit.


In Birth of the Bastard Prince, the sequel to the riveting The Legend of Amrapali, Anurag Anand explores Amrapali's eventful life as the Nagarvadhu.


Anurag Anand describes in thrilling detail the war between Vaishali and Magadh, in which Amrapali played a crucial role; traces her love affair with Bimbisara, the Emperor of Magadh, and the birth of their son Vimal Kondanna; reveals the royal intrigue and conspiracies that led to Amrapali's tribulations; and finally explains how Amrapalu found the solace and happiness she so desired.


Anurag Anand's works have been extensively covered in all forms of media including most national dailies and magazines.


Anurag Anand has been invited to various television news channels like CNN IBN and UTV Bloomberg to participate in panel discussions and debates.


Anurag Anand has been invited by FM Radio channels like Radio Mirchi, Radio City and Red FM for on-air discussions.


Anurag Anand met Neeru while pursuing his higher studies in Delhi.