25 Facts About Anyang Halla


HL Anyang Halla is a professional ice hockey team based in Anyang Halla in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.

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The Anyang Halla Group contributes three billion won annually to run the club.

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The Anyang Halla Group felt that by creating an ice hockey team, it would help them to fulfill their role as a responsible corporation by providing something to the community.

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Anyang Halla was brought on primarily to coach the players but he played during the team's games.

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Anyang Halla felt that they should play more games and that the season was too short.

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Anyang Halla finished the season winning 18 games out of 42 with 5 ties.

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Anyang Halla scored the most short-handed goals of any team in the league with 11.

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The city of Anyang Halla won an award for being "The best Hockey Town in Asia".

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Anyang Halla won only a single game out of the first three which were played on home ice.

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Anyang Halla finished in fourth place in the overall point totals.

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Anyang Halla vowed to reorganize the team and set his sights on a league championship.

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Anyang Halla moved away from the heavy Czech influence which had previously dominated the team and filled three of the four spots for foreign players on the team with players from North America.

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Anyang Halla entered the dressing room and refused to return to the ice.

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Anyang Halla finished the season in first place with a total of 76 points.

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Anyang Halla replaced Awe quickly with Dustin Wood, who has played in both the American Hockey League and Deutsche Eishockey Liga.

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Anyang Halla had several other regular players injured including Kim Won-jun, Kim Kyu-hun, and Lee Seung-yup.

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Anyang Halla won all of their series against opposing teams, except against their rival High1.

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Anyang Halla finished with five players in the top ten-point list.

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Anyang Halla city won the award for Best Hockey Town for the second time for their spirit and sell-out crowds.

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Anyang Halla faced the Cranes, who had knocked them out of the playoffs twice, in the final.

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Anyang Halla retained Dustin Wood who was brought in as a replacement in the previous season.

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The series began in Japan, but Anyang Halla took two of three games and upon returning to South Korea they won the fourth game of the best-of-five series and knocked the Eagles out.

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The Free Blades defeated the Cranes and Anyang Halla were set to face them on 12 March 2011 in Sendai, Japan.

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On 25 and 26 December 2010 Anyang Halla repeated their charity game series, and offered free admission to the game in exchange for donations to the sick children's hospitals in Gyeonggi Province.

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The Anyang Halla put the first name of Korean players on the jerseys to avoid confusion as several players share the same family name.

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