14 Facts About Anzick-1


Anzick-1 is the only human who has been discovered from the Clovis Complex, and is the first ancient Native American genome to be fully sequenced.

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Anzick-1 remains were found buried under numerous tools: 100 stone tools and 15 remnants of tools made of antler.

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Anzick-1's skeletal remains included 28 cranial fragments, the left clavicle, and several ribs.

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Additionally, all of the Anzick-1 remains were stained with ocher, which masks the natural color of the infant's bones.

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The reconstructed frontal, parietal, and occipital bone fragments of Anzick-1 were analyzed for these indicators of health; however, the crania showed no evidence of cribra orbitalia or porotic hyperostosis, conditions that can indicate diseases.

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Genome of Anzick-1 was sequenced and analyzed to look for specific mutations that might shed light on the population history of modern Native Americans.

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Anzick-1's genome was compared to over 50 Native American genomes for comparison, and researchers found that it was significantly more similar to these than to any modern Eurasian population.

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Anzick-1's genome was closer to 44 Native American populations from Central and South America than to 7 Native American populations from North America; samples from North America were limited as tribes in the United States have been reluctant to participate.

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The y-chromosome of Anzick-1 was sequenced, and researchers determined that his y-chromosome haplogroup is Q-L54*, one of the major founding lineages of the Americas.

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Anzick-1 hoped to conduct genomic analysis on the Anzick-1 skeleton.

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Anzick-1 was cautious because a previous case, involving the ancient remains of a Native American called Kennewick Man, caused a great deal of controversy.

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Anzick-1 discussed her goals with representatives of several Montana tribes that now inhabit the area, to determine whether to use the required techniques to analyze the remains of Anzick-1.

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Anzick-1 eventually conducted DNA analysis on the remains of Anzick-1.

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Anzick-1 met with Shane Doyle, who became a co-author of the paper.

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