23 Facts About Aphex Twin


Richard David James was born on 18 August 1971, and best known as Aphex Twin, is an Irish-born British musician, composer and DJ.

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Aphex Twin is known for his idiosyncratic work in electronic styles such as techno, ambient, and jungle.

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Aphex Twin has since released charting EPs including Cheetah and Collapse (2018).

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Aphex Twin has said that he had a stillborn older brother named Richard whose name he inherited.

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Aphex Twin became interested in making sounds before writing music, and as a child he played with the strings inside his family piano and disassembled tape equipment.

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Aphex Twin studied at Cornwall College from 1988 to 1990 and graduated with a National Diploma in engineering.

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Aphex Twin supported the Orb on several dates, and joined the "Midi Circus" tour at venues across the UK, co-headlining with Orbital, the Orb and Drum Club.

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Warp released the second Aphex Twin album, Selected Ambient Works Volume II, in 1994, which explored a more ambient sound, inspired by lucid dreams and James' experience of synaesthesia.

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Aphex Twin commissioned Western classical-music composer Philip Glass to create an orchestral version of the.

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In 2001 Aphex Twin released Drukqs, an experimental double album featuring abrasive, meticulous programming and computer-controlled piano influenced by Erik Satie and John Cage.

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Aphex Twin said he had released the demos to relieve his family of the pressure to release his archives after he dies.

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Aphex Twin has continued to occasionally release tracks on the account.

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On 19 June 2017, a Michigan record store sold an exclusive Aphex Twin record comprising two tracks released on SoundCloud in 2015.

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Aphex Twin claimed to have been independently making music similar to acid and techno before encountering the styles, and subsequently became enthusiastic about them.

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Aphex Twin has cited 808 State's 1988 debut album Newbuild as a major early inspiration.

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Aphex Twin claimed to have recorded over one thousand unreleased tracks.

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Aphex Twin later said he experienced synaesthesia and utilised lucid dreaming as a means of developing compositional ideas.

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Aphex Twin named works by Erik Satie, Drexciya, Ween, Serge Gainsbourg, and Les Baxter among his favorite albums.

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Aphex Twin's face is superimposed on the bodies of other people in the music videos for "Come to Daddy" and "Windowlicker".

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In 2005, Alarm Will Sound released Acoustica: Alarm Will Sound Performs Aphex Twin, featuring acoustic arrangements of James's electronic tracks.

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Aphex Twin has described himself as "just some irritating, lying, ginger kid from Cornwall who should have been locked up in some youth detention centre.

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Aphex Twin falsely claimed in a 2001 interview to have bought the steel structure in the centre of the Elephant Square roundabout, though this is in fact the Michael Faraday Memorial which houses an electricity substation for the London Underground.

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Aphex Twin's sister Julie James is a Welsh Labour politician who was appointed the Welsh Minister for Climate Change in 2021.

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