13 Facts About Apple IIe


Apple IIe is the third model in the Apple II series of personal computers produced by Apple Computer.

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Management believed that "once the Apple IIe III was out, the Apple IIe II would stop selling in six months", cofounder Steve Wozniak later said.

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In September 1981 InfoWorld reported—below the PC's announcement—that Apple IIe was secretly developing three new computers "to be ready for release within a year": Lisa, Macintosh, and "Diana".

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The Apple IIe was released in January 1983, the successor to the Apple II Plus.

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The Apple IIe was the first Apple computer with a custom ASIC chip, which reduced much of the old discrete IC-based circuitry to a single chip.

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One of the most notable improvements of the Apple IIe is the addition of a full ASCII character set and keyboard.

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Apple IIe lowered production costs and improved reliability by merging the function of several off-the-shelf ICs into single custom chips, reducing total chip count to 31 .

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Later-production Apple IIe models had the RAM soldered to the system board rather than socketed.

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Under a free service upgrade program, Apple IIe advised owners of the revision A to have authorized dealers replace it with the revision B motherboard.

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In later years Apple labeled newer IIe motherboards with a "-A" suffix , although in terms of functionality they were Revision B motherboards.

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In January 1987 came the final revision of the Apple IIe, often referred to as the Platinum IIe, due to the color change of its case to the light-grey color scheme that Apple dubbed "Platinum".

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The Apple IIe Card is thought of as an Apple II compatibility solution or emulator rather than as an extension of the Apple II line.

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Apple IIe keyboard differed depending on what region of the world it was sold in.

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