12 Facts About Apple sauce


Apple sauce or applesauce is a puree made of apples.

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Apple sauce is inexpensive and is widely consumed in North America and some parts of Europe.

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Commercial versions of apple sauce are readily available at supermarkets and other retail outlets.

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Apple sauce is made by cooking apples with water or apple cider .

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Apple sauce can be made by baking rather than boiling, in which case the apples are peeled and cored before cooking.

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Apple sauce is served as a side dish in northern Europe and North America.

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Apple sauce is served with many foods in Germanic cuisine: Flurgonder, various kinds of Spatzle, Schupfnudeln, Swiss Alplermagronen, a kind of macaroni and cheese.

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In Netherlands and Belgian cuisine, apple sauce is part of the common dish of chicken, french fries, and apple sauce .

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In many cuisines, apple sauce is a common accompaniment to blood sausage: the German Himmel und Erde; the Luxembourgian traipen and the French boudin noir.

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In some recipes for baked goods, apple sauce can be used as a substitute for fat or eggs to make them low-fat or vegan.

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BRAT and CRAM diets include apple sauce given to children with diarrhea and stomach problems.

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Apple sauce butters were brought to the Americas by German immigrants such as the Moravians and Pennsylvania Dutch.

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