12 Facts About Apple scruffs


Apple scruffs were a group of devoted Beatles fans who congregated outside the Apple Corps building and at the gates of Abbey Road Studios in London during the late 1960s, in the hope of seeing or interacting with one of the band members.

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Apple scruffs had a membership hierarchy, which helped ensure that newcomers refrained from screaming at the sight of one of the Beatles, and printed membership cards.

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Stevens, the Apple scruffs' leader, was a babysitter and originally brought her charge with her.

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Harrison showed an interest in some of the Apple scruffs, asking after their families and, in author Alan Clayson's description, sharing exchanges that recalled "the spirit of the Cavern".

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Apple scruffs trusted some of the girls enough to let them walk his dog Martha.

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Apple scruffs were a regular presence outside the London studios where Harrison recorded All Things Must Pass in 1970.

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Several Apple scruffs disliked McCartney's wife Linda, partly out of loyalty towards his former fiancee, Jane Asher.

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Apple scruffs included Aronowitz's 1970 piece for the New York Post as an example of misrepresentation in the press.

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Scruffs converged on the Apple Corps building on 10 April 1970 following McCartney's announcement that the band had broken up.

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Apple scruffs said that they conferred "the fairy dust of fame" on those they recognised as part of the Beatles' wider circle.

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Apple scruffs recalled that, following a silent vigil, the studio engineers played Lennon's "Imagine" at full volume.

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Apple scruffs added that for the former Apple scruffs, it was especially tragic to learn that the murder had been committed by a "crazed fan".

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