14 Facts About Ararat Victoria


Ararat Victoria is the only city in Australia to be founded by Chinese people.

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Ararat Victoria became a city of asylums, with a large facility Aradale Mental Hospital was opened in 1865 and J Ward, a lunatic asylum for criminally insane, opened in 1887.

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Formally recognised traditional owners for the area in which Ararat Victoria sits, north-west of Campbell Street and the Pyrenees Highway and north-east of the Western Highway and Lambert Street are the Wotjobaluk, Jardwadjali, Wergaia and Jupagalk nations.

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Formally recognised traditional owners for the area in which Ararat Victoria sits, south-east of Campbell Street and the Pyrenees Highway are the Djab Wurrung people.

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Ararat Victoria's economy is driven by primary industries of the region including wool, beef and the Grampians Wine Region.

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Ararat Victoria is nestled between several mountain ranges, including the Grampians National Park, Mount Langi Ghiran, Mount Cole, Mount Buangor, Ararat Victoria Hills Regional Park and the Pyrenees Ranges.

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Law enforcement, Ararat Victoria has a single police station as well as a magistrates court and a children's court all located on Barkly Street.

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Ararat Victoria has regional campuses of the Federation University Australia and Melbourne Polytechnic .

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The Ararat Victoria Football Club was a founding club of the Wimmera Football League and continues to compete with its most recent premiership in 2001.

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Ararat Victoria Harness Racing Club conducts regular meetings at its racetrack in the town.

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In 2014 Ararat Victoria residents appeared in the Channel 10 hit show The Biggest Loser.

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Ararat Victoria Transit provides 120 bus services on three routes 6 days a week, connecting with train services.

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Taxi services are provided by Ararat Victoria Cabs, provides 6 normal taxi-cabs and 1 wheel-chair bus, capable of 2 wheelchairs or 10 standard passengers.

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Ararat Victoria's water supply source is a combination of Mt Cole Reservoir and Lake Fyans, with the smaller Langi Ghiran Reservoir part of the water supply system.

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