12 Facts About Arati Saha


Arati Saha's talent was spotted by Sachin Nag, and she was later inspired by the Indian swimmer Mihir Sen to try to cross the English Channel.

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Arati Saha was born the second of three children and the first of two daughters to Panchugopal Saha in 1940.

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Arati Saha's father was an employee in the armed forces.

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Arati Saha won silver in 100 metres freestyle and 200 metres breast stroke, and won bronze in 200 metres freestyle.

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Arati Saha represented India at the 1952 Summer Olympics along with compatriot Dolly Nazir.

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Arati Saha was one of the four women participants and the youngest member of the Indian contingent at the age of 12.

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Arati Saha used to participate in long-distance swimming competitions in the Ganges.

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Arati Saha was inspired to cross the English Channel by Brojen Das.

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Arati Saha proposed the name of Arati to the organizers of the Butlin International Cross Channel Swimming Race for the next year's event.

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Arati Saha organised exhibits of Arati's swimming prowess as part of a fundraising programme.

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Arati Saha died as a result of the illness after 19 days, on 23 August 1994.

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Arati Saha was the first Indian woman sportsperson to receive the award.

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