20 Facts About Ardal O'Hanlon


Ardal O'Hanlon is an Irish comedian, actor, and author.


Ardal O'Hanlon is the third of six children, and has three brothers and two sisters.


Ardal O'Hanlon was schooled in Blackrock College in Dublin and graduated, in 1987, from the National Institute for Higher Education, Dublin, with a degree in communications studies.


Together with Kevin Gildea and Barry Murphy, Ardal O'Hanlon founded the International Comedy Cellar, upstairs in the International Bar on Dublin's South Wicklow Street.


Ardal O'Hanlon was spotted by Graham Linehan, who was to cast him as Father Dougal McGuire in Father Ted.


Ardal O'Hanlon moved into straight acting alongside Emma Fielding and Beth Goddard in the ITV comedy-drama Big Bad World, which aired for two series in summer 1999 and winter 2001.


In 2000, Ardal O'Hanlon starred in the comedy series My Hero, in which he played a very naive superhero from the planet Ultron.

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Jonathan Ross

Ardal O'Hanlon's character juggled world-saving heroics with life in suburbia.


Ardal O'Hanlon stayed in the role until the first episode of series 6 in July 2006, when he was replaced by James Dreyfus during the same episode.


Ardal O'Hanlon provided the voice of the lead character in the three Christmas television cartoon specials of Robbie the Reindeer.


Ardal O'Hanlon appeared in the 2005 BBC One sitcom Blessed, written by Ben Elton; at the 2005 British Comedy Awards, it was publicly slated by Jonathan Ross, albeit in jest.


Ardal O'Hanlon has appeared on radio, including an appearance on Quote.


In 2006, Ardal O'Hanlon wrote and presented an RTE television series called Leagues Apart, which saw him investigate the biggest and most passionate football rivalries in a number of European countries.


Ardal O'Hanlon appeared in the Doctor Who episode "Gridlock", broadcast on 14 April 2007, in which he played a catlike creature named Thomas Kincade Brannigan.


Ardal O'Hanlon then went on to form a relationship with Naomi's mother.


Ardal O'Hanlon plays the lead role in Irish comedy television programme Val Falvey, TD on RTE One.


In February 2011, Ardal O'Hanlon returned to the Gate Theatre, Dublin starring in the Irish premiere of Christopher Hampton's translation of Yasmina Reza's God of Carnage, alongside Maura Tierney.


Ardal O'Hanlon has written a novel, The Talk of the Town, which was published in 1998.


Ardal O'Hanlon announced his intention to leave the series in early 2020 and was replaced by Ralf Little.


Ardal O'Hanlon finished in 4th place ahead of Judi Love.