13 Facts About Ardeshir Dalal


Sir Ardeshir Dalal, KCIE was an Indian Parsi civil servant, and later, a businessman associated with the Tata Group.

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Ardeshir Dalal was knighted in 1946, and was a vocal opponent of the partition of India.

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Ardeshir Dalal received the scholarship, and studied at St John's College Cambridge.

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Ardeshir Dalal was initially appointed as a district collector, and served in several districts, eventually serving as deputy secretary to the government of the State of Bombay, and serving as a member of the Provincial Legislative Council in 1923.

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Ardeshir Dalal joined Tata Group as a Director of Tata Steel in 1931 and served Tata group till 1941 and again from 1945 his death in 1949.

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Ardeshir Dalal was one of the signatories to the Bombay Plan formulated in 1944.

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Ardeshir Dalal was knighted again as a KCIE in 1946 died on 8 October 1949.

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Ardeshir Dalal suggested that India should adopt a federal constitution with a parliamentary democracy.

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Ardeshir Dalal suggested that the citizens be guaranteed civil, personal, and religious freedom by the incorporation of a fundamental rights charter in India's constitution.

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Ardeshir Dalal suggested that the Indian constitution should be under the guardianship of India's federal court and 2 out of its 5 judges should be Muslims.

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Ardeshir Dalal was of the view that the creation of Pakistan "in attempting to solve one problem, will create many more".

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Ardeshir Dalal viewed India as not only a geographical but a cultural and a spiritual entity.

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Ardeshir Dalal believed that the creation of Pakistan would impede this unity and it should be "considered only if no other alternative is possible".

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