10 Facts About ARexx


ARexx is an implementation of the Rexx language for the Amiga, written in 1987 by William S Hawes, with a number of Amiga-specific features beyond standard REXX facilities.

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Programs written for ARexx are called "scripts", or "macros"; several programs offer the ability to run ARexx scripts in their main interface as macros.

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ARexx was first created in 1987, developed for the Amiga by William S Hawes.

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ARexx is written in 68000 Assembly, and cannot therefore function at full speed with new PPC CPUs, a version of ARexx has not been rewritten for them and is still missing from MorphOS 3.

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Notwithstanding this fact, the existing version of ARexx continues to be used, although it is not distributed with MorphOS.

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ARexx was developed on an Amiga 1000 computer with 512k bytes ofmemory and two floppy disk drives.

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ARexx is a programming language that can communicate with other applications.

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The AmigaVision multimedia presentation program has ARexx port built in and can control other programs using ARexx.

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Any Amiga program which has an ARexx port built in can share its functions with ARexx scripts.

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One of the main features of ARexx is the fact it could expand the capabilities of the AmigaOS by adding some procedures the OS lacked.

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