13 Facts About Ariano Suassuna


Ariano Vilar Suassuna was a Brazilian playwright and author.


Ariano Suassuna was the driving force behind the creation of the Movimento Armorial.


Ariano Suassuna founded the Student Theater at Federal University of Pernambuco.


Ariano Suassuna was an important regional writer, doing various novels set in the Northeast of Brazil.


Ariano Suassuna received an honorary doctorate at a ceremony performed at a circus.


Ariano Suassuna was the author of, among other works, the Auto da Compadecida and A Pedra do Reino.


Ariano Suassuna was a staunch defender of the culture of the Northeast, and his works dealt with the popular culture of the Northeast.


Ariano Vilar Suassuna was born in the northeastern city of Nossa Senhora das Neves, on June 16,1927, son of Joao Suassuna and Cassia Villar Suassuna.


Ariano Suassuna was forced to move back to Taperoa, to be cured of lung disease.


Ariano Suassuna built in Sao Jose do Belmonte, where the ride is inspired by the Romance d'A Pedra do Reino, an outdoor sanctuary, consisting of 16 sculptures of stone, with height 3.50 m each, arranged in circle, representing the sacred and the profane.


In 2002, Ariano Suassuna story was the subject of the carnival, in 2008, was again the subject of plot, this time the samba school Carnival Mancha Verde in Sao Paulo.


In 2004, with the support of the ABL, the Kind Films produced a documentary entitled The Hinterland: World of Ariano Suassuna, directed by Douglas Machado and was exhibited at the Sala Jose de Alencar.


Ariano Suassuna was born in a Calvinist Protestant family, became agnostic and converted to Roman Catholicism in 1958.