43 Facts About Ariel Pink


Ariel Pink is frequently cited as "godfather" of the hypnagogic pop and chillwave movements, and he is credited with galvanizing a larger trend involving the evocation of the media, sounds, and outmoded technologies of prior decades, as well as an equal appreciation for high and low art in independent music.


Until 2014, his records were usually credited to Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, a solo project sometimes conflated with his touring band.


Ariel Pink then formed a new band, Ariel Pink's Dark Side, with whom he recorded two albums, The Key of Joy Is Disobedience and Never Made A Demo, Ever.


Ariel Pink Marcus Rosenberg was born in Los Angeles on June 24,1978.


Ariel Pink is the only son of Mario Z Rosenberg and Linda Rosenberg-Kennett.


Mario and Linda divorced when Ariel Pink was two years old.


Ariel Pink's parents encouraged him to pursue a career in visual arts rather than music.


Ariel Pink chose to live there with his mother following child custody proceedings.


Ariel Pink cited Nirvana as the last group he enjoyed before this point.


Ariel Pink's tools were limited to one bass guitar, an amp, and kitchen utensils.


Ariel Pink credited his tapes to a variety of names including "Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti" and "Ariel Rosenberg's Thrash and Burn".


Ariel Pink did not intend to release any of this music.


Ariel Pink was dissatisfied that the school focused on "the art market" rather than "color theory or anything like that".


Ariel Pink met John Maus at CalArts, and they subsequently became best friends and roommates.


Ariel Pink first contacted Moore in early 1999 and mailed him a CD-R of The Doldrums.


Ariel Pink started sending me so much material that it eventually became a big blur; I couldn't even totally wrap my head around his dozens of masterpieces.


Ariel Pink embarked on concert tours to promote the releases.


Ariel Pink attributed that to his "not being [a] very good" musician and to his recordings' not being meant to be performed live.


Virtually all of Ariel Pink's music released in the 2000s was written and recorded before 2004.


In 2006, Ariel Pink embarked on a few supporting tours and assembled a group backed with Jimi Hey, John Maus, Gary War, and girlfriend Geneva Jacuzzi.


In later years, Rosenberg said the name "Ariel Pink" was not meant as a persona or pseudonym.


Ariel Pink was the only member of his band to appear on all four of his albums from the 2010s.


In 2011, Ariel Pink released a 16-minute standalone single, "Witchhunt Suite for WWIII", to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks.


Ariel Pink struggled to keep his band together and later said that Koh and Gilmore threatened to leave if he did not dismiss drummer Aaron Sperske from the line-up.


Ariel Pink responded with an announcement on Facebook that the Haunted Graffiti band was over.


Ariel Pink referred to it as a "breakup album" in some interviews and denied that it was one in others.


The press attention Ariel Pink received upon the album's release largely focused on recent comments he had made in various interviews.


In promotional interviews, Ariel Pink intimated that his desire for attention and willingness to release albums has declined, and instead talked mostly about the musician Bobby Jameson.


In 2019, Mexican Summer announced that they would issue remastered and expanded editions of Ariel Pink's original Haunted Graffiti albums in addition to compilations of previously unreleased work recorded between 1999 and 2018.


Ariel Pink's music encompasses a diverse selection of styles, sometimes within the same song, and espouses a postmodern take on pop music.


Ariel Pink likened his early records to a compendium of what he believed to be "everything good about music".


At the time of his Paw Tracks reissues, Ariel Pink was perceived as both an outsider and as a novelty act, as there were virtually no other contemporary indie acts with a similar retro lo-fi sound.


Ariel Pink singled out Pink as the central figure in what he called the "Altered Zones Generation", an umbrella term for lo-fi, retro-inspired indie artists who were commonly featured on Altered Zones, a sister site for Pitchfork.


Ariel Pink referenced a 1990s observation by music critic Richie Unterberger that compared Moore to Newell's "lo-fi, murkily recorded affairs that couldn't hide the power of the melodies, or a wit that could be both tender and savage".


In October 2014, Ariel Pink told the online journal Faster Louder that Interscope Records had contacted him about working with Madonna.


Ariel Pink denied that he was a misogynist and said that he had only repeated what he was told by an Interscope agent.


Ariel Pink admitted that one of his tactics with interviewers is to talk so much that the other person has no opportunity to ask a question.


Ariel Pink denied Coe's accusations and accused her of spreading claims that she knew were false or misleading, as well as attempting to blackmail him.


In 2020, Ariel Pink filed civil harassment restraining orders against Coe.


In 2013, Ariel Pink appeared on the satirical Fox News program Red Eye with Greg Gutfield discussing space robots and marijuana use in the NFL.


In December 2020, during an appearance on the podcast Wrong Opinion, Ariel Pink stated that he believed the recent presidential election was tampered by the Democratic Party "in some sort of collaboration with China".


In January 2021, Ariel Pink traveled to Washington DC and attended the Trump rally that preceded the storming of the Capitol.


Ariel Pink stated that he attended the rally to "peacefully show his support for President Trump", and that after watching the president speak, he immediately returned to his hotel.