13 Facts About Armored Core


Armored Core is a third-person shooter mecha video game series developed by FromSoftware.

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The first release of the series, Armored Core, was released in 1997, while its twenty-third and most recent game, Armored Core: Verdict Day was released in 2013.

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Series was rebooted with 2002's Armored Core 3, beginning a new story arc that concluded with Armored Core: Last Raven in 2005.

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Since its first release, the Armored Core games have featured multiplayer options in some form.

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Original trilogy of Armored Core games were developed for the original PlayStation by FromSoftware and established many of the core themes and mechanics that would be found in the rest of the series.

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The original Armored Core was released on the Japanese PlayStation Classic in 2018.

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The Japanese version of Armored Core 2 was the first title to include online broadband play, allowing players to fight each other over the internet.

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Armored Core 3 was released on April 4,2002 and served as a reboot for the franchise.

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Stand-alone expansion, Silent Line: Armored Core, was released on January 23,2003 and was a direct sequel to Armored Core 3.

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Armored Core: Nexus was released on March 18,2004 as a direct sequel to Silent Line.

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Armored Core 4 was released on December 21,2006 for the PlayStation 3, serving as another reboot for the franchise.

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Gameplay in Armored Core 4 has been sped up and streamlined from its predecessors in an attempt to make the game more accessible to new players.

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Armored Core: Tower City Blade is a manga by Fujimi Shobo based on the game.

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