15 Facts About Arnon Mishkin


Arnon Absalom Mishkin was born on c 1955 and is an American management consultant, media personality, and news analyst for Fox News.


Arnon Mishkin worked as a partner at the Boston Consulting Group and the Mitchell Madison Group, and now operates his own consultancy firm known as Arnon Mishkin Associates.


In 2021, Arnon Mishkin served as a fellow at the Harvard Institute of Politics.


Arnon Mishkin's father was born in what is Belarus and emigrated to Mandate Palestine in 1937 before moving to the United States.


Arnon Mishkin later worked as a professor of applied physics at the Polytechnic Institute of New York.


Arnon Mishkin's mother was from Kaunas, Lithuania: during World War II, the Soviet Union occupied Lithuania from 1940 and subsequently, Nazi Germany moved to occupy the country, establishing the Kovno Ghetto.


Arnon Mishkin told B'nai Jeshurun in 2001 that his grandparents and many other family members were murdered in the Holocaust.


Arnon Mishkin earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Yale University and a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School.


Arnon Mishkin got his start in politics working in New York under political consultant David Garth.


Arnon Mishkin, kept his role low profile until an on-air controversy during the 2012 United States presidential election.


Arnon Mishkin maintained his position at the head of the team running the Fox News Decision Desk for the 2020 United States presidential election, the team responsible for telling Fox News viewers the results of the elections.


Arnon Mishkin's model has been supported by other pollsters such as Ariel Edwards-Levy of HuffPost.


On election night in November 2020, Arnon Mishkin's team called Arizona for Biden before any other major news outlet.


Arnon Mishkin's call ended up being correct, although the margin of Biden's victory in Arizona was quite narrow.


Arnon Mishkin married Susan Ellen Fine, the vice president of development for Olympia and York Properties, in November 1986.