15 Facts About Art Babbitt


Arthur Harold Babitsky, better known as Art Babbitt, was an American animator, best known for his work at Walt Disney Animation Studios.


Art Babbitt received over 80 awards as an animation director and animator, and developed the character of Goofy.


When his hard-working father had an accident on duty and became paralyzed as a result, Art Babbitt decided to move to New York to take on the role of breadwinner.


Art Babbitt began his career in New York City working for Paul Terry's Terrytoons Studio.


Art Babbitt began his career at Disney as an assistant animator, but his talent was spotted and he was promoted to animator.


Art Babbitt's first important work was a drunken mouse in the short The Country Cousin, which won an Academy Award for the studio.


Art Babbitt thought long and carefully before he did anything, and then he did it wrong.

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Art Babbitt had previously expounded on Goofy's nature in a 1930s memo:.


One morning, as Disney drove through picketing workers on his way to the studio, Art Babbitt heckled him through a bullhorn.


Art Babbitt worked with director Jack Kinney, another "Goofy man", as Disney began to look for ways to be rid of Art Babbitt.


Art Babbitt was fired more than once but was reinstated, taking his case successfully all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States, and winning a handsome settlement.


Disney was forced to rehire him after the war, but Art Babbitt did not stay long.


Art Babbitt worked on many of their famous award-winning shorts, including the lead character Frankie in "Rooty Toot-Toot", and won many awards.


Art Babbitt was interred in the Forest Lawn Memorial Park.


Art Babbitt had two daughters with Dina, L Michele Babbitt and Karin Wendy Babbitt.