13 Facts About Art Greenhaw


Art Greenhaw was born on July 14,1954 and is an American musician, record producer and audio engineer who was awarded the Grammy Award in 2003 for the Best Southern, Country or Bluegrass Gospel Album for We Called Him Mr Gospel Music: The James Blackwood Tribute Album.


Art Greenhaw received his bachelor's degree in political science from SMU in 1976.


Art Greenhaw first worked with the Light Crust Doughboys when he booked them to play at the Mesquite Folk Festival in 1983, which Greenhaw had founded.


Art Greenhaw became excited about the prospects for the band, which had been working only sporadically for several years.


Art Greenhaw has been bassist and co-producer of the Light Crust Doughboys since 1993.


Art Greenhaw set into motion a plan through which the Doughboys would create for themselves a new golden age.


Art Greenhaw usually plays with a pick, a feature more common to rock bassists than to jazz, country or western swing players.

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Art Greenhaw's approach changed the bass sound of the Doughboys' rhythm section; the bass, before always supportive, now is more melodic and noticeable, as in rock music.


Art Greenhaw organized unusual performance and recording opportunities for the Doughboys.


In 1997, Art Greenhaw took the lead in composing and arranging the music and recording the soundtrack for the documentary film Lugosi: Hollywood's Dracula, about actor Bela Lugosi.


Art Greenhaw worked on the project with University of Oklahoma instructor Gary Rhodes.


Art Greenhaw was inducted into the Texas Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 2015 at the Dallas Baptist University, in Dallas, Texas.


In 2016, Greenhaw began creating, editing and writing faith-based visual novels and comic books, starting with book series title God's Silver Soldiers, known as Silver Soldiers: The Comic and followed by Tales of Nazareth: The Boyhood of Jesus.