25 Facts About Arthur Bremer


Arthur Herman Bremer is an American convicted criminal who attempted to assassinate US Democratic presidential candidate George Wallace on May 15,1972, in Laurel, Maryland, which left Wallace permanently paralyzed from the waist down.


Arthur Bremer was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the third of four sons to William and Sylvia Arthur Bremer.


Arthur Bremer was raised by his working-class parents on the south side of Milwaukee and lived in a dysfunctional household.


Arthur Bremer did not make friends in school, where he was shunned and ostracized.


Arthur Bremer was employed as a busboy at the Milwaukee Athletic Club from March 1969.


Arthur Bremer quit his job at the Athletic Club on February 16,1972.


On September 1,1970, Arthur Bremer got a part-time job working as a janitor at Story Elementary School, which he quit after almost 18 months, on January 31,1972.

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On October 16,1971, Arthur Bremer moved from his parents' house after an argument and moved into a three-room one-bedroom apartment near Marquette University, where he lived until May 9,1972.


Late on the night of November 18,1971, Arthur Bremer was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon and for parking in a no-parking zone.


On December 8,1971, Arthur Bremer pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct.


On January 13,1972, Arthur Bremer went into the Casanova Gun Shop in Milwaukee, and bought a snub-nosed Charter Arms Undercover.


Three days later, dressed in a business suit, wearing sunglasses and with a revolver in his pocket, Arthur Bremer went out intending to assassinate Nixon, but could not find an opportunity to do so.


Security was tight, making it impossible for Arthur Bremer to get close enough to Nixon, and he doubted whether any bullets would go through the glass of Nixon's limousine.


On May 4,1972, after a ten-day break from writing, Arthur Bremer realized it would be almost impossible to assassinate Nixon and decided that it was Wallace's "fate" to be his victim, even though his diary entries never showed the same level of interest or enthusiasm as they did with regard to assassinating Nixon.


When questioned, Arthur Bremer said he was waiting for the Wallace rally to begin and wanted to get a good seat.


Arthur Bremer was photographed at the rally that evening, where he had a clear opportunity to shoot his target, but according to his diary, he did not do so because he might have shattered some glass and blinded some "stupid 15-year-olds" who stood nearby.


Arthur Bremer turned up in Wheaton, Maryland, for Wallace's noon appearance at Wheaton Plaza for a shopping center rally on May 15,1972.


Arthur Bremer was dressed in dark glasses; patriotic red, white, and blue, wearing his new campaign button which said "Wallace in 1972".


Arthur Bremer strongly applauded Wallace, in contrast with many others present, who heckled and taunted the speaker.


Arthur Bremer was sentenced to 63 years in prison for shooting Wallace and three other people.


Arthur Bremer entered the presidential election race in 1976 but withdrew early due to lack of significant support.


Arthur Bremer did not reply and Wallace died on September 13,1998.


Arthur Bremer served his sentence at the Maryland Correctional Institution in Hagerstown.


Arthur Bremer was placed in solitary confinement for 30 days after a fight on October 6,1972.


Arthur Bremer was reprimanded after another fight in December 1972, and then placed in solitary again for 30 days after a third fight in February 1973.

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