18 Facts About Arthur Deshaies


Arthur Deshaies employed traditional printmaking techniques and used new techniques including one that he called stencil-offset and another which employed sheets of plastic as the matrix.


Arthur Deshaies was born and raised in and around Providence, Rhode Island.


Arthur Deshaies spent the next two years studying at Indiana University from which he received a Master of Fine Arts degree in 1950.


Arthur Deshaies began teaching at Indiana while still a graduate student and continued as an art instructor and art professor until his retirement from a position at Florida State University in 1989.


Arthur Deshaies was given another solo show two years later, this one at Indiana University, and, later that year, was awarded first prize in painting by the Louisville Art Association.


Arthur Deshaies showed the following year in a group exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art and in 1959 was given a solo show at Wittenborn's One-Wall Gallery.


In 1955,1961, and 1963 Arthur Deshaies' work was included in group exhibitions at the Whitney Museum of American Art.


Arthur Deshaies was given solo museum shows in 2001 and 2009 at Greenville County Museum of Art and Florida State University, respectively.


Late in life Arthur Deshaies told an interviewer that his interest in abstract art dated back to his youth.


At some point during the 1970s or 1980s, Arthur Deshaies began to make mixed-media assemblages on paper and acrylic paintings on canvas In 1991 Arthur Deshaies wrote that his work at that time exposed chaos rather than attempting to bring order to it.


At the age of 80 Arthur Deshaies told an interviewer that he was an abstract impressionist.


Arthur Deshaies began his teaching career in 1949 as an instructor at Indiana University where he was enrolled in the graduate program of the School of Fine Arts.


Arthur Deshaies continued teaching there after receiving his master's degree and taught during the summer months at the art colony in Ogunquit, Maine.


Arthur Deshaies continued there, as head of the graphic workshop, until his retirement in 1989.


Arthur Deshaies joined the United States Army soon after the outbreak of World War II.


Arthur Deshaies served as a paratrooper in the Pacific Theater both as combat soldier and war artist.


Arthur Deshaies had been previously married and had three daughters and two sons by her previous marriage.


Arthur Deshaies died on July 30,2011, in Spartanburg, South Carolina.