16 Facts About Arthur Erickson


Arthur Charles Erickson was a Canadian architect and urban planner.

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Arthur Erickson studied Engineering at the University of British Columbia and, in 1950, received his B Arch.

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Arthur Erickson is known as Canada's most influential architect and was the only Canadian architect to win the American Institute of Architects AIA Gold Medal.

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Arthur Erickson always integrated light and water features into his designs, along with the characteristic horizontal elements and terraces that came from the vernacular architecture of the Far East.

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Arthur Erickson is known for numerous futuristic designs such as the Fresno City Hall and the UCI School of Biological Sciences; his 1970 Catton House is known as the 'Starship House'.

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Arthur Erickson insisted on bringing in a landscape architect at the outset of all of his projects and, for most of his projects, worked with the landscape architect Cornelia Oberlander.

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The campus is landscaped to provide numerous small spaces for study; it in centre, Arthur Erickson placed a large rectangular pool containing an enormous block of Fraser River jade.

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Oversized beams evoke a monumental feeling in many of Arthur Erickson's projects, calling on the size and scale of the trees found in the surrounding context.

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The landscape of the site was particularly important, as Arthur Erickson wanted to depict the connection between indigenous Pacific Northwest cultures to the land.

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Arthur Erickson blended the Neoclassicism of existing structures with the idiom of the Plantation house to create an expanse of space.

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Oberlander landscaped the courtyard with northern plants; Arthur Erickson had Haida artist Bill Reid create the massive sculpture Spirit of Haida Gwaii, the Black Canoe, which sits in the courtyard in a pool of water.

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Arthur Erickson divided the archives of his work among several Canadian repositories.

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Arthur Erickson was the mentor of many other noted local architects and urbanists, including founding members of many of Vancouver's premier design-oriented architectural firms.

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Arthur Erickson's buildings were the subject of paintings by artists including Vancouver-based Tiko Kerr.

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Arthur Erickson received the Chicago Architectural Award in 1984 alongside Philip Johnson and Joan Burgee.

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Arthur Erickson lived in Point Grey with his life partner and interior design collaborator, Francisco Kripacz.

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