10 Facts About Arthur Kennelly


Arthur Edwin Kennelly was an American electrical engineer.

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Arthur Kennelly joined Thomas Edison's West Orange laboratory in December 1887, staying until March 1894.

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Arthur Kennelly then formed a consulting firm in electrical engineering with Edwin Houston.

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Arthur Kennelly researched the use of complex numbers as applied to Ohm's Law in alternating current circuit theory.

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Also in 1902 Arthur Kennelly was given the entire engineering charge of the expedition which laid Mexican submarine cables on the route Vera Cruz–Frontera–Campeche.

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Arthur Kennelly served as inspector for the Mexican Government during the manufacture of the cable.

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In 1911 and 1912, Arthur Kennelly advanced applied mathematics by communicating the theory of the hyperbolic angle and hyperbolic functions, first in a course at the University of London and then in a published book.

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Arthur Kennelly was an Invited Speaker of the ICM in 1924 at Toronto.

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Arthur Kennelly noticed that time vs distance plots of such sports records formed nearly a straight line when plotted on log-log graph paper.

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Arthur Kennelly thus preceded by 75 years Peter Riegel, who —apparently independently—noticed this same power law, called by Riegel the "endurance equation".

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