24 Facts About Arthur Lira


Arthur Cesar Pereira de Lira was born on 25 June 1969 and is a Brazilian lawyer, farmer, entrepreneur and politician.


Arthur Lira was elected City Councillor of Maceio in 1992, re-elected in 1996.


In 1998, Lira was elected State Deputy, re-elected in 2002 and 2006.


Arthur Lira was previously member of the Liberal Front Party, Brazilian Social Democracy Party, Brazilian Labour Party and the Party of National Mobilization.


The President of the Court, desembargador Sebastiao Costa Filho, understood that Arthur Lira couldn't disturb the investigations.


In 2012, Arthur Lira was found guilty by the 17th Civil Court of Maceio in a civil law suit of administrative dishonesty by the same case.


Arthur Lira was 1st Secretary of the Director's Board of the Legislative Assembly of Alagoas and had manipulated the payroll, making undue discounts of checks of the Assembly.


Besides Arthur Lira, other cited politicians were Joao Henrique Caldas and Wilson Filho.


The report of the Prosecutor General of the Republic recommended the acquitting of the parliamentarian for two reasons: first, the evidence set was not enough to prove that there was domestic violence; second, Arthur Lira's ex-wife acknowledged that "[she] had done it as vengeance".


Arthur Lira's defence accused his ex-wife of lying in her testimony to jeopardize the parliamentary.


Arthur Lira said she was beaten for 40 minutes, and the result are four bruises in her arms and legs.


On 1 April 2008, Arthur Lira was taken by teams of the Civil Police, with the support of the National Security Forces, and was arrested in the Fire Department Command.


The banker said that he knew from the Deputy's advisor that Arthur Lira received R$100,000 in cash, but he was detained with the money in Congonhas Airport in Sao Paulo.


Arthur Lira had been photographed in the entrance of Youssef's building, in Sao Paulo.


That year, while he was raising money for Benedito, Arthur Lira said he received a call from Deputy Jose Janene, then treasurer of the Progressive Party.


Arthur Lira said he went there without knowing he was a banker.


Weeks later Arthur Lira said he received another call, in which Janene said that Construtora Constan would donate R$400,000 for the campaign.


Arthur Lira returned to Youssef's office one more time but, according to him, he would learn who the banker was only years later.


Arthur Lira is considered one of the main allies of the then President of the Chamber of Deputies Eduardo Cunha, appointed by him, in February 2015, as Chair of the Constitution and Justice Committee, one of the most important of the Brazilian Congress.


Cunha appointed Arthur Lira to be Chair of the Budget Committee in May 2016, when he was suspended from office by the Supreme Court.


Arthur Lira was designated as rapporteur of an inquiry opened by Acting President Waldir Maranhao about the impeachment of parliamentarians, in a trial to save Cunha's term.


Arthur Lira presented a report in which he defends the presentation to the floor of a Resolution Project, not the report made by the Ethics Council with the voting authorizing the impeachment of Eduardo Cunha.


In 2009, Arthur Lira had his National Qualification Card apprehended during a police inspection in the center of Maceio, due to the Easter holiday, receiving a fine of R$540.


The document was forwarded to the State Department of Transit and his vehicle was only released after Arthur Lira entered in contact with a person with a valid licence to drive it.