20 Facts About Arthur Shawcross


Arthur Shawcross killed most of his victims in 1988 and 1989 after being granted an early parole, which later led to controversy.


Arthur Shawcross died on 10 November 2008, while serving a prison sentence of 250 years for his crimes, at the age of 63.


Arthur Shawcross's family moved to Watertown, New York, when he was young.


Arthur Shawcross said throughout his childhood, he was a frequent bed-wetter.


Arthur Shawcross had a reputation at school as a bully and would frequently act out violently.


Arthur Shawcross served one tour of duty with the 4th Supply and Transport Company of the 4th Infantry Division in Vietnam.


Arthur Shawcross later boasted of grotesque combat exploits, such as "beheading mama-sans and nailing their heads to trees as a warning to the Vietcong" and engaging in cannibalism; in reality he never served in a combat position.


Arthur Shawcross's offenses earned him a five-year sentence at Attica Correctional Facility, and later Auburn Correctional Facility.


Arthur Shawcross returned to his hometown of Watertown, New York, eventually getting a job with the Watertown Public Works Department and marrying for the third time.


McClusky suggested Arthur Shawcross could have argued at trial that he was under "extreme emotional disturbance," and a jury would have been likely to arrive at a verdict of manslaughter.


Arthur Shawcross had difficulty settling down, as neighbors would protest his presence and employers would refuse to hire him.


Arthur Shawcross first moved to Binghamton, New York, then relocated to Delhi with a girlfriend, Rose Marie Walley.


Arthur Shawcross was convicted of eleven murders, with a twelfth not officially ascribed to him.


Arthur Shawcross had been spotted by an eyewitness and a police surveillance team standing near his car, apparently urinating on a bridge over Salmon Creek near where Cicero's body had been dumped.


In November 1990, Shawcross was tried by Monroe County First Assistant District Attorney Charles J Siragusa for the ten murders in Monroe County.


Lewis claimed that Arthur Shawcross moved into a separate internal personality named "Bessie" when he killed, arguing for him to be institutionalized rather than being returned to the prisons system.


Arthur Shawcross was held at the Sullivan Correctional Facility in Fallsburg, New York, where he was held until his death.


In 2003, Arthur Shawcross was interviewed by British reporter Katherine English for a documentary on cannibalism.


Arthur Shawcross bragged about slicing out and eating the vulvae of three victims, but refused to discuss his earlier claim of eating the genitals of his first victim, Jack Blake.


Arthur Shawcross was taken to Albany Medical Center where he went into cardiac arrest, and died shortly thereafter.