11 Facts About Arthur Treacher


Arthur Treacher lent his name to the Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips chain of restaurants.


Arthur Treacher was educated at a boarding school in Uppingham in Rutland.


Arthur Treacher was featured in the 1930 Billy Rose musical revue Sweet and Low.


Arthur Treacher began his movie career during the 1930s, which included roles in four Shirley Temple movies: Curly Top, Stowaway, Heidi, and The Little Princess.


Arthur Treacher was caricatured in the 1941 cartoon Hollywood Steps Out.


Arthur Treacher did radio programs in the 1940s and early 1950s, most notably as a waiter on Duffy's Tavern.


In early 1961, Arthur Treacher appeared in episode 463 of the TV game show I've Got a Secret in which he rode a horse on stage.

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In 1964, Arthur Treacher was cast in the role of Constable Jones in the hugely successful Walt Disney movie Mary Poppins.


When in 1969 Griffin switched from syndication to the CBS network, network executives insisted that Arthur Treacher was too old for the show, but Griffin fought to keep Arthur Treacher and eventually won.


The restaurants became very popular during the 1970s and increased to nearly 900 outlets, although in interviews Arthur Treacher would refuse to confirm or deny that he had any ownership stake in the company.


Arthur Treacher died at the age of 81 due to cardiovascular disease.