14 Facts About Arto Saari


Arto Saari was born on November 9,1981 and is a Finnish professional skateboarder and photographer.


Arto Saari's mother was supportive of his skateboarding and his first skateboard was a Vision Gator model.


Arto Saari was selected as the "2001 Skater of the Year" by Thrasher.


In what was perceived as a shocking decision by the global skateboard community, Arto Saari announced his decision to leave Flip in 2008 due to the distress that was caused by the death of Flip rider Shane Cross.


At the start of January 2011, Flip announced that Saari had rejoined the team and released an image that featured Saari alongside the caption: "Home is Where the Hearto Is".


Arto Saari explained to Phelps that Flip is like "family" and stated "You can take a man out of Flip, but you can't take the Flip out the man".


Alongside professional skateboarders Stevie Williams, Brandon Biebel, and Tony Alva, Arto Saari completed a photo and video shoot for Playboy that was shot by Irish photographer Tony Kelly.


Arto Saari was nineteen years of age when he almost died of brain injuries, suffered as he was warming up for the execution of a trick on a handrail.


Arto Saari appears as a playable character in the video games Evolution Skateboarding, Tony Hawk's Underground, and Tony Hawk's Proving Ground.


In early 2013, Arto Saari was selected as the photographer for the "Fear and Loathing in Australia" Oakley skateboard tour that featured the sunglasses brand's team riders: Eric Koston, Rune Glifberg, Ryan Sheckler, and Curren Caples.


The Oakley site explained that Arto Saari was employed for advertisement campaigns and gallery shows, while his demand as a photographer is equivalent to his popularity at the height of his skateboarding career.


Arto Saari has previously lived in Hollywood, just off Sunset Strip.


Arto Saari's home had a pool specifically designed for skateboarding and a separate sauna building.


Arto Saari refers to his sauna as "another little piece of Finland" in which you go "onto the top of the pleasure field".