10 Facts About Artur Chilingarov


Artur Nikolayevich Chilingarov is an Armenian-Russian polar explorer.


Artur Chilingarov is a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, he was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union in 1986 and the title of Hero of the Russian Federation in 2008.


Artur Chilingarov was born in Leningrad to Russian mother and Armenian father.


Artur Chilingarov's father was born in Gyumri and moved to Vladikavkaz at a young age.


Artur Chilingarov summarized his experience in navigation support on the Northern Sea Route in his dissertation for the scientific degree of a kandidat of geographical sciences.


For successful performance of the rescue operations in extreme conditions and for displayed organizational abilities and courage, Artur Chilingarov was awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union on 14 February 1986.


Artur Chilingarov was scheduled to join in 60 dives in total.


On 29 July 2008, Artur Chilingarov took part in a dive to a depth of 1,580 meters in Lake Baikal, just short of the record 1,637 meters.


Artur Chilingarov is the author of more than 50 scientific publications.


Artur Chilingarov was elected into all the State Dumas and served as Deputy Chairman of the Third State Duma.