10 Facts About Arun Rath


Arun Rath is an American radio producer and broadcast journalist.

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Arun Rath became the senior producer of NPR's On the Media in 2000, where his team tripled the audience, started one of NPR's first podcasts, and won a Peabody Award.

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Later that year, Arun Rath jumped to television as a correspondent and producer for Frontline, where he focused on military justice and national security issues.

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Arun Rath became a regular correspondent for PBS's Sound Tracks: Music Without Borders.

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In September 2013, Arun Rath was hired as the host of the weekend edition of All Things Considered, coinciding with its move to NPR's West Coast bureau in Culver City.

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Arun Rath replaced Guy Raz, becoming the first Indian-American to host an NPR news-magazine.

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Arun Rath has stated that he hopes to do more of his own reporting from the field, and to strengthen NPR's presence on the West Coast.

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NPR Media Relations Director Isabel Lara said Arun Rath "will be moving back to Boston" but did not elaborate.

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Arun Rath joined WGBH Boston, and continued to report for NPR.

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Arun Rath traveled to Serbia for a stay to allow him to profile al-Dayfi, in depth.

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